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The paper "Change Implementation in Etihad Airways " is an outstanding example of a management assignment. A positive working condition is essential for stakeholders and suppliers to effectively engage with a company. The creation of such an environment requires the adoption and management of new changes among other practices. This paper focuses on the procedures essential for creating a positive working environment for the stakeholders and suppliers of Etihad Airways. This includes the adoption of the Ariba technique as the best strategy within the Supplies and Procurement departments. The paper made finings on the existing working relationship between various procurement teams and the stakeholders.

It further recommended for the creation of the Ariba system, adoption of trait leadership and also the use of conflict resolution mechanisms to improve the existing working environment in Etihad Question 1 (a) How to promote a positive working relationship with stakeholders and suppliers of Etihad Airways The developments in the corporate world continue to provoke and prompt an array of changes regarding the relationship of an organization with its stakeholders and suppliers. These two categories of people form the backbone upon which the success of a company rests.

Stakeholders contribute significantly regarding resources and advice towards the running and operations of an entity. Similarly, the suppliers contribute to such performance by furnishing the requisite materials and items to a company. Therefore, a better working relationship aims at promoting the ultimate performance and activities of a given organisation (Langley et al. , 2013). Etihad Airways stands out as one of the progressive airlines in the world. It integrates modern technology in the performance of its operations. Similarly, this airline company uses various social and corporate techniques so as to build a strong relationship between its operations and the suppliers.

The stakeholders also form a central part of the performance techniques of the company. A positive working relationship can be improved by the following premises.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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