Essays on Marketing Portfolio of Greater Union Cinemas Pty Ltd Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Portfolio of Greater Union Cinemas Pty Ltd " is a good example of a marketing case study. Any business decision must be made after considering all the possible situations that the business organization must face given the available options. Any miscalculations done in the process can nullify the impact created by the long and tedious process to provide stability to the business organization amidst various issues confronting it. This is the reason why majority of business organizations take the trouble of undergoing the strategic marketing process in order to anticipate problems that may arise in the future, deal with the competition, allocate funds and resources for future utility, and use its strategic advantages to achieve the goals and objectives set by the company in the most efficient manner (McKittrick, 1957).

After a thorough understanding of the marketing, the environment is established and all the internal and external factors of the business organization have been analyzed, the next phase of the strategic marketing process comes in. This phase is known as the strategic implementation phase. Once the marketing plans are laid out and are ready to be set in motion, the implementation phase then follows (Winer, 2007).

Implementation and control can occur anytime in the process particularly when implementation is not aligned with the plan. The necessity of monitoring and controlling strategic plans stems from the fact that such plans are made to achieve or effect massive changes in the function and/or the long-term. This means that strategic plans go through various stages of development that needs to be assessed, evaluated, and realigned to its original focus every now and then.

Failing to continually monitor the developments of the implementation of strategic plans may be analogous to not planning at all. Most importantly, implementation will occur if the marketing mix and marketing strategies are already defined. This paper will look at the portfolio of Greater Union Cinemas Pty Ltd and determine which implementation strategy would work best for this business organization in order to attain the marketing goals and objectives defined for it. To be able to do this, the paper will look at various strategic marketing tools and at the results of the previous analysis on the company’ s internal and external environments to be able to formulate conclusive arguments. Portfolio Analysis Tools Organizations especially the big ones would have a difficulty reading and interpreting various accounting, financial management, management, and operations data fresh from the volumes of reports generated each specific period.

To overcome this difficulty, management and consulting firms develop graphical, visual, and matrix representations of the general picture to ease the reading and interpretation of such information. A matrix is a tool to record an array of data that have multiple elements.

Two of the most famous marketing matrices are the BCG-growth share matrix and GE Matrix. Boston Consulting Group is one of the leading international risk management consulting firms. Its four-block matrix scrutinizes an organizations SWOT in terms of assets and investments and classifies them according to the profitability they bring for the company. BCG-matrix breaks down the company’ s products, investments, or assets into 4 main groups based on its relative market share and its growth rate in the present industry. (Relative market share is an indicator of the investment’ s cash-generating ability measured against its strongest competitor).

The classifications were Question Marks, Stars, Cash Cows, and Dogs.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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