Essays on Implementing Strategic Quality Change in an Organization - Pioneer Motors Case Study

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The paper 'Implementing Strategic Quality Change in an Organization - Pioneer Motors " is a good example of a management case study. It is quite evident that organizations regardless of being public, private, or non-profit constantly face the need to improve on quality. According to Dooris (123), every initiative based on quality management should be tied in key business processes so as to have a positive impact on productivity. Implementation of strategic change entails defining businesses' long terms goals and reestablishing these goals so as to improve quality (Dooris, p123). It is due to these reasons that Pioneer Motors needs to analyze its existing quality management whereby it will implement a strategic quality change widely incorporating necessary monitoring and evaluation processes. Company Analysis Pioneers Motors is considered to be a national automobile manufacturer.

Founded in 1998, the company has employed about 40,000 who work in different fields within the company (Markoczy, p1020). It manufactures different kinds of automobiles ranging from trucks and cars across different cities. In today’ s global and competitive automobile market, Pioneer Motors need to examine its existing quality management by creating an urgency regarding implementing a strategic quality change by constant monitoring and evaluation.

Markoczy (1023) asserts that, with the current economic crisis, Pioneer Motors faces the risks of not being the leader in the automobile industry if drastic measures are not taken in implementing its strategic change. Therefore, this creates a critical time for the company to clearly understand and work on its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Vision Statement Pioneer Motors' vision is being the world leader in the automobile industry. The company focuses on earning customer trust through constant quality improvement which is usually driven through innovation, integrity and teamwork. Proposed Vision statement Pioneer Motors will be the leader in the automobile industry in various alternate fueled cars and trucks and providing advanced quality products and services that its global customers will realize quality and innovation in these products.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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