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Marketing requirements keep on changing over time to keep pace with vast changing marketing trends. SWOT analysis of theproject has revealed points of weaknesses and threats that need urgent attention to enhance the import of the magnesium fused ultra-strong wine glasses. The target market for these glasses comprises of White women and other companies. Marketing changes required are packaging, color, price, language, size, and placement. Package the items in clear boxes for women. Naturally, women love clear colored items. They will be attracted to the glasses if the importer packages them in clear colored boxes.

Change the black box to a bright color and make a space on one side of the box through which customers can view items while on the shelves (Moutinho, Luiz, and Kun-Huang 139). Since the importer intends to sell to other companies and businesses, inclusion of an eco-friendly warning on the boxes will be necessary. The environmental conservation mark positions the glasses better in the market. Women like buying environmentally friendly products. Colors change meanings with cultures and beliefs. When preparing packaging for the glasses, the importer should change colors according to regions (Moutinho, Luiz, and Kun-Huang 122).

For instance, black and white colors are not allowed for packaging in Japan because they are colors of mourning. In marketing, color aids in attracting prospective consumers to the product. The importer needs to change both the glass and packaging colors. The importer may come up with shiny pink packaging items. The pink color is attractive to women. The glasses should be transparent to enhance the beauty and flavor of the wine. Fill the demonstration glass with a red wine to enhance attractiveness. The prospective market for the glasses consumes goods based on utility.

Economists define utility as the ability of the commodity to satisfy consumers’ needs, but within their levels of income. The importer should set an optimum price to balance utility and expenditure. There exist cheaper alternatives in the market, which can pull away consumers. Setting too low prices may make these glasses appear inferior, leading to lose of balance between the wine that is inside and the glass quality. Quality makes a difference (Moutinho, Luiz, and Kun-Huang 124).

People associate price with quality. The importer should not set too high prices that may lead to reduced demand. The significance of language diversities cannot be ignored. All countries of the world have both official languages and dialects. These language diversities pose problems when preparing packaging labels for various regions. The importer of the magnesium fused ultra-strong wine glasses will consider preparing labels in official languages. Preparing labels in all dialects may be costly and time consuming. Glass size is closely associated to aesthetic. The importer of the magnesium fused ultra-strong wine glasses should change the size and design a medium size glass.

Extra-large glasses will limit the aesthetic nature of the glass. On the other hand, too small glasses may be unfit to hold. Therefore, the manufacturer should redesign the glass to make a medium-sized vessel for easier use. The importer’s decision and the level of competition influence placement (Moutinho, Luiz, and Kun-Huang 139). The convenience factor of the product adds a great deal of benefit and helps to offer a clear distinction over the competition. To ensure that consumers are aware of this, the cross-border trader should increase his advertising budget and use integrated marketing communication strategies.

Through this, the importer will emphasize the “green” nature of purchasing wine glasses that will stand the test of time. The importer should consider the position of the magnesium fused ultra-strong wine glasses in the market place. After finding out the glasses have gained a larger market share, the importer will increase the supply of glasses to the market. Marketing requirements are dynamic. It becomes necessary to carry out SWOT analysis to identify areas that need change.

The marketing change requirements for of the magnesium fused ultra-strong wine glasses are packaging, color, price, language, size, and placement. Reference Moutinho, Luiz, and Kun-Huang Huarng. Quantitative Modeling in Marketing and Management. New Jersey: WORLDSCIENTIFIC, 2013. Print

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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