Essays on Importance of Rules and Regulations for Any Group Essay

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The paper "Importance of Rules and Regulations for Any Group" is a delightful example of an essay on human resources. Rules and regulations are important in any group, as they coordinate all the group’ s activities by ensuring that members behave as required. They also foster a culture of honesty, teamwork, responsibility, and fairness among group members. Our group (C6) was not an exception; we were governed by rules and regulations that required the group members to follow through until the completion of the tasks. The members were also required to sign an agreement as a sign of loyalty. Our group was required to accomplish certain tasks; first, we were required to plan an exercise for people in an organization.

The solution involved five steps - planning, commanding, organizing, coordination, and controlling. Planning required setting a mission and objective of the project, and creating a plan for resource, time, and quality. Secondly, commanding involved communicating the mission and objectives to the team members and defining the role of each member. Thirdly, organizing involved dividing the work into small tasks and grouping similar resources together.

In the Coordination stage, work would be distributed fairly and tasks communicated clearly, as well as resolving issues among team members. Lastly, controlling involved tracking and measuring the progress of work in an organization. Hole in the wall analysis was another task of our group, which involved finding solutions to problems associated with Mr. Barker’ s management. The task involved five problems - order problem, quality problem, management problem, too much work, and few meetings. Group 6 identified the possible solutions to these problems with the aim of putting the company at a competitive advantage. The induction program was another group C6’ s task; this activity included a mission and strategy session on the AB Zee superstore.

The mission statement included selling a variety of clothes for mothers and children in the UK and providing the clients with vital information on childcare. Sales target by 2010 was £ 6.7 million for all the goods. In Competition and market share, we had three major competitors, two of whom had a larger market share compared to the AB Zee superstore. Our Targeted customers included the United Kingdom, middle-class group, ladies, and newborn babies.

The strategies were aimed at attaining a competitive advantage through; setting competitive prices, getting online accessibility and improving the quality of goods, among others. Recruitment through social media was a task that involved focusing on Linked-in. We provided a historical background of the company, which was founded in 2003. The company has provided services for professionals, which include job searching. It provides services for businesses as well, such as developing a profile for a business, posting services, and finding suitable candidates for the jobs.

It is practical and effective, provides the right information and benefits both the employer and the job seeker. However, it proved to be expensive, especially if one requires permission to view others' profiles. The negotiation one-sheet document involved an agreement among group members; here, the canteen and the food preparation area would be maintained and divided into three parts, comprising of the seating area, food preparation area, and the SS department area. Employees should then be assigned specific tasks that must be completed on time. Here, flexibility was a necessity, as long as the deadline was met.

Recruitment in organizations was the final activity for group C6, which identified the various methods of recruiting, including the related theories and group dynamics, behavior, and leadership. Throughout these tasks, the group members have shown that total commitment and teamwork is evident; team members’ opinions were considered and respected. Therefore, group C6 has abided to the requirements of teamwork.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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