Essays on Improve Communication For The Fire Services In The UAE Assignment

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CASEHow can communication be improved in the UAE Fire Services? CASE OUTLINENAFFCO (National Fire Fighting Manufacturing FZCO) an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with its World Headquarters at Dubai, is the largest fire fighting equipment manufacturing company in the Middle East. It was established in 1991 with the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for a wide range of fire fighting equipments including all type of fire extinguishers, fire cabinets, fire hoses, pumps, mobile and advanced fire fighting systems and fire trucks. The Company has diversified its product range to Passive Fire Protection and Automation & Control Division for all types of security and Fire alarm systems.

The System engineering division of NAFFCO is one among the best in the world for its immaculate designing, supplying and supervising installations of superior fire fighting systems and equipment. The company's ability to back up with comprehensive training, efficient maintenance and thorough system know-how has greatly reduced fire risks in Middle East. As the company grew in size and established its units all over the world, there was a severe lack of communication among the SBU’s. How can communication be improved in NAFFCO? - http: //www. naffco. com/aboutus. htmlCASE SUMMARYThe case is about NAFFCO, a world leader in manufacturing fire fighting equipments.

The system engineering division is one of the best but as the company expands around the world, it faces with a problem of communication. This case study will identify the major problems involved in communication and suggest measures to improve the communication system at NAFFCO. PROBLEMLack in communication is the major problem facing the organization. The general barriers of communication include: Organization barrier. Organization barrier arise due to inadequate or improper policies rules and facilities regarding communication.

Organization policies rank and procedures lay down the communication channels and the subject matter of communication. When these policies and rules are not clear, flow of communication is not smooth. Too rigid rules and regulations may cause delays in communication. In a complex organization structure, there are several levels of authority. Formal communication has to pass through this chain. As a result there are delays and distortion in communication. Lack of meetings, conferences, suggestion schemes, grievances procedures, social and culture guttering and open door system hampers effective communication.

Mechanical barrier Mechanical barrier arise due to problems in communication channels. When the number of messages is greater then the capacity of communication, channel, there is overloading. This causes delays and breakdowns in communication. Words used to convey messages have several meanings. Sometimes of message is not expressed in clear and precise language. The noise problem can be overcome by reorganization of the communication system, and by repairing the mechanical defects. Personal barrier Most of the failures in communication arise due to faults on the part of the sender or receiver of the message.

When the receiver is not attentive to the message, he fails to grasp its meaning. Sometimes subordinates do not want to communicate upward due to the fear that it may displease the superior. Lack of proper attention or interest may arise due to general reasons. The receiver may be busy is his own thoughts, he may face difficulty in understanding the message, he may believe that the average is not worthy of attention or there may be lack of incentive to communicate. A manger may fail to communicate effectively on account of various reasons.

The may have the fear that sharing information with subordinates may reduce his prestige and power.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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