Essays on Improving Social Media Presence in Swissport by Developing Official Website Case Study

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The paper "Improving Social Media Presence in Swissport by Developing Official Website" Is a great example of a Marketing Case Study. Swissport is a ground and air cargo handling service company that was formed and founded in the year 1996 as Swissair Ground Service International a self-standing auxiliary entity of an early merge between Balair and Ad Astra Aero in 1931 (Bazarga, 2010). Swissport has experienced rapid growth over the years to become the world’ s biggest aircraft service provider in ground handling. It provides service on behalf of more than 800 customer companies and more than 200 million passengers with about 3.9 million flights annually.

It is active in all the five continents in approximately 48 nations. Aim of the study. This report aims at providing systematic views, plans, and ideas of improving media presence in Swissport and information access by customers. Providing detailed reports on how the development of an interactive official Swissport website will contribute to increased media presence and improved customer service with increased market spheres. Objectives To identify ways to develop a better and interactive official website for the organization that will improve the media presence of the company. To stipulate how the media presence of the company will enhance its market, improvement of service delivery and overall profit increase. Literature review Dnata Aviation Company, one of the main competitors of the Swissport is among the top ground handling and air cargo service provider companies in the world.

Its social media presence is so immersed and reliable that it has managed to have a big number of satisfied customers. It uses an interactive twitter platform to update and pass information to its customers about new offers, services and that allows customers to give their feedback about the airline performance and how they can improve the services.

With the increased use of social media globally, the need for organizations to engage their clients through social media has developed to easily disseminate facts about their services. This makes the marketability of a given organization better than its competitors (Begne, et al, 2016). On the other hand, quick response about the customer’ s concerns improves and makes interesting the interaction between the customers and the company (Helpern, 2012).

This brings about customer satisfaction. In order for a ground handling and air cargo service company to become a brand, media presence is the main platform through which this goal can be achieved faster than any other means (Katona, n.d). Menzies Aviation Company, another competitor to Swissport International Limited Company, uses heavily social media presence as the main channel of meeting client needs through LinkedIn (Katona, n.d). Its social media accounts are said to be so big in branding with a reputation of instant response to customer concerns. It is stipulated that social media presence ensures better relationships and interaction.

They provide a listening ear in real-time to the clients and it is a cost-effective way of collecting data and doing a brand evaluation of the organization (Heracleous, Wirtz, and Pangarkar, 2009). It allows reporting of misconduct of its employees and quick measures can be appropriately taken. Research methodology According to Jha, 2008, research methodology is the theoretical analysis and representation of strategies of doing research. It involves descriptive inclusion of the study design used, study populations, identifying samples, identification of research tools, data collection, data analysis and presentation.



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