Essays on Problem Solving in Management Assignment

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The paper “ Problem Solving in Management” is a   dramatic example of the assignment on management. Ethical behaviors are associated with desirable outcomes for an organization and its stakeholders. As such, the practice of ethical behaviors in management is imperative. Ethical behavior is honorable conduct, that influences and leads to upright morality and integrity. Recent studies have shown that ethics is relative and that it is a function of the environment. That is, ethical behaviors differ from organization to organization. Regardless of these findings, any definition of ethical behaviors in any organization will mean behavior that can be attributed to its well being (Omolewu, p.

1). Ethical behavior is manifested in management mainly through ethical treatment, ethical decision making, and ethical behavior by the rest of the members in the organization. Researches in the industry show that ethical leadership and management proactively promote ethical behaviors as well as prevent unethical ones in an organization. An organization`s leadership influences the behavior of the members of staff. As such, ethical behaviors in management will influence morality in workers. As a consequence, employs will depict ethical behaviors such as, willingness to go the extra mile and help others, result deliver, job satisfaction, commitment to the company, acuity of an ethical environment, being optimistic about the company’ s future and one's position in it, autonomy and acuity of task significance as well as willingness to speak out problems to the management.

This is so because the flow of ethical behaviors moves from leaders down to other members of the company. Employing ethical behavior in management ensures the moral management of others within the organization. Accordingly, ethical management promotes ethical behaviors through role modeling and communication among other methods.

This is vital as management in an organization will influence the entire fraternity (Avey et al, p. 575).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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