Essays on Causes of Employee De-motivation at Cappuccino Roma Case Study

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The paper 'Causes of Employee De-motivation at Cappuccino Roma " is a good example of a business case study.   The problem of de-motivation happens to be a big issue at the place of work and if it is left unchecked can lead to reduced levels of productivity amongst the members of staff. It is therefore in my effort to try and spot the weaknesses at’ Cappuccino Roma’ that might have been the demotivators of its staff. For an organization to be able to tackle the problem of de motivation effectively it must be able to pinpoint the reason behind the lack of drive in the organization. As Karen Jones and Simon Phillips who are the proprietors of Cappuccino Roma got more involved in plans of establishing similar outlets at Llantrisant and Pontypridd it is clear that they left most of their work at the café unassigned to any particular person.

This means that Penny Phillips who is Simon’ s sisters got to assume most of the supervisory roles and this was done without additional compensation for her added duties. She (Penny) was a disgruntled employee since she wanted to travel after attaining a degree in French but Karen and Simon seemed unable or unwilling to find a suitable replacement for her. Sharon Freeman who is a Senior coffeemaker and waitress was not happy about the way Penny was left to supervise work at the Cappuccino Roma and felt that Penny was receiving preferential treatment due to Her family relations with Simon. Jayne Pitmann who is an undergraduate student and was supposed to work on the weekend only is dissatisfied with the way they treat her.

She often has to work during weekdays with very little notice and without extra compensation for her efforts even when she has to choose working over her studies.

She also complains of being given work that the rest of the staff members do not enjoy doing. Sangita Patel is a casual member of staff with the experience of ‘ front -of -house management’ and feels that her potential is being underutilized at the Cappuccino Roma as She can perform better than the rest of the staff including the proprietors. Antonio Conti who is a cook has worked at the café since it was opened but is unsure of His future at the café due to various reasons amongst them being, He feels unappreciated by Karen and Simon who no longer consult him on changes in the menu and they don’ t involve him in making of decisions pertaining to the new planned ventures in two neighbouring towns. Causes of employee de-motivation at Cappuccino Roma Lack of appreciation- Staff members at Cappuccino Roma feel that they are not really appreciated by the owners of the business and this leaves J.

Pitman feeling as if she is being exploited with her having to choose between her class and work. Antonio Conti is the cook and also feels unappreciated for the way no one seems to take notice of him or to consult him on any of the recent changes in the menu and in planning for the new establishments in the neighboring towns.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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