Essays on Consumers Behavior in the Dynamic Nature of the Marketing Environment Essay

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The paper "Consumers Behavior in the Dynamic Nature of the Marketing Environment" is an excellent example of an essay on marketing. The marketing environment is never static and looking at its dynamic nature, the company adopts its marketing strategies to understand various factors that determine consumers’ behavior. The victory of any company in the market rests on the way it understands the changing needs of the consumers and the way it adopts its various approaches toward these needs. In this highly competitive environment, the success of any firm and business venture depends on the firm’ s approach towards its customers and understanding their behavior including trying to find the answers to the questions why, where, what, and when they buy?

Understanding consumers are the most crucial task on part of every marketing manager as he tries to solve the basic problems of consumers in the area of consumption and in devising his plans and various propositions. While understanding consumer behavior, the first step is the need to understand the buying process. Several models have been developed to understand this concept of the buying process, which is made up of three stages namely: input-process-output.

It is a process that begins well before a product is bought and extends well beyond that and moves along the five steps namely need recognition, information search, evaluation, and intension, purchase decision and post-purchase reaction. (Cooper & Channon 1998: 109) The starting point of his buying process is his need recognition arising out of the awareness of the want or desire or without whose satisfaction, the consumer feels restless and tension charged. These needs or wants arise either due to the internal or external stimulus.

For the marketing experts, this stimulus is a sign or a cue for them to understand the desire of customer but this need will be only aroused when the product is available because the interest of the consumer is indicated in his willingness to seek further information about product and satisfaction he can get from that product. This information he can attain from his friends, relatives, neighbors, dealers, and advertisers, etc. , which helps him further in formulating his decisions. Further, it is the consumers’ deep interest in the product or services that pave the way for his evaluation and intention.

This evaluation stage is his mental trial for these products and services whereby he assigns values and weightings to different products and services based on the accumulated information and judges the relative worth of the alternative products and services from the angle of want satisfying potential. After the evaluation only, he formulates the intention to either accept or reject a given product or service. Once he has made his intention clear, he formulates his decision to buy the product.

His decision to buy the product implies his commitment to the same. Practically it is the last stage of the buying process because of it, the exchange process has been completed. (Sontakki 2008: 128) 

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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