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In this essay, High Rise flats incident at Harrow Court, Stevenage, Hertfordshire is analyzed in consideration with incident command system and its application. ICS is a dynamic and purpose built system and has the capability to handle incidents effectively. Incident Command SystemIt is a standardized on-scene incident management concept, designed specifically to allow responders to adopt an integrated organizational structure equal to the complexity and demands of any single incident or multiple incidents without being hindered by jurisdictional boundaries. It is management system of procedure for controlling personnel, facilities, equipment and communications from different agencies to work together towards a common goal in an effective and efficient manner. Incident Command System is; A standardized, on-scene, all hazards incident management conceptIt allows the users to adopt an integrated organizational structureIt matches to the demands and complexities of incidents/emergenciesIt is not hampered by any jurisdictional boundary It is also defined as, ” The system, to achieve coordination necessary to carry out an effective and efficient response. ”It is a time tested system for effectively handling emergencies field response.

Proper management is provided using; Common terminologyConsolidated action planModular organization Manageable span of control Pre-designed incident facilitiesUnified command structureIntegrated communication Comprehensive resource managementFor implementing incident command system during emergency, the response effort is divided into five basic functions; Command Intelligence/PlanningOperationsLogisticsAdministration/FinanceGold Command level It is the major incident control room; strategic level implementation of senior and command functions. Gold commander holds overall control of the possible resources at incident.

They operate from a distant control room and formulate strategy. Gold commanders are in constant contact with each other through telephone or video conferencing. Silver command LevelIt is a separate point of control; tactical level coordination and management of incident is conducted at this level. It is a tactical command level in which strategic direction from Gold command is managed.

On this level commands are divided into set of actions to be performed at bronze level. This is not handled from the actual scene as they; Review ‘Bronze’ level re-sourcing Work for the achievement of Gold strategyNot operated for the incident itselfBronze command LevelIt is the first or forward point of control; responsible for the immediate deployment of resources in operational task. On this level all the resources are directly controlled at the incident.

Bronze commander will work on the scene and ensure the safety and efficiency of the people involved. They are in direct control of police except fire and rescue incidents. Bronze commander has the responsibility of working for different location if the incident is large. They work for; Taking statement/interviewsCordon managementSurvival managementStructuring an incident It is described as a standard system for dividing an incident scene into smaller command or functional units. A large scale and complex incident is structured by dividing it into sectors, for effective handling. Sectors are divides into three types; Functional GeographicalCombination Functional These sectors are referred as ‘Groups’ (i. e.

attack groups). Groups are assigned a specific task.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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