Essays on Career Satisfaction of Migrants Professionals of Indian Origin in the Accounting Industry within Australia Literature review

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The paper "Career Satisfaction of Migrants Professionals of Indian Origin in the Accounting Industry within Australia" is an outstanding example of a business literature review. Numerous conceptual theories have been undertaken by researchers in a vast array of fields. However, in analyzing the phenomenon of immigration and how it contributes to career satisfaction few conceptual frameworks have however been developed. Lack of enough of these concepts and frameworks thus limit the scope of our studies and thus may result in incomplete results. Such frameworks are integral as they provide the necessary rationale to analyze the relationships that exist between distinct variables or offer predictions (Cooke, Zhang & Wang p. 2643; Kyoo, Kathryn and Ready p. 269).

Nevertheless, existing conceptual frameworks will thus aim to offer a concrete foundation and organization for my thesis, in addition to enabling me to contextualize on a wide range of factors to compare variables in a wider spectrum. In analyzing these frameworks from different researchers, the following literature review will also aim not to exceed 3700 words. 2.4.1 Gender Krifle and Desta (p 319) established that in Australia, women were found out to be happier than men in their jobs.

According to quantitative data obtained from Lee and Kim (p. 3), the number of Indian and Asian migrants moving into Australia has increased drastically over the past few years. A follow-up study by Kathryn and Ready (p 259) reveals that the number of female migrants outnumbers their male counterparts in most of the distinct dimensions like individual and family migrations. In analyzing to what degree gender affects career satisfaction, the complex challenge of Australian immigration policies come into play (Lee & Kim; Krifle & Desta; Kyoo, Kathryn and Ready p. 259).

Lee and Kim (p. 5) in particular have identified that from time immemorial, the most dominant challenge contained in these policies is capitalizing on skilled labour over the unskilled.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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