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Indianapolis Home Show Indianapolis Home Show Having personally attended this year’s Indianapolis Home Show, I would like to report that indeed, the events at the 93rd annual Indianapolis Home Show were memorable. With the theme of ‘Modern Hill-Home, ’ the show accomplished its goal of showcasing ideal homes. I was so enthusiastic for getting an opportunity, in the company of my class members, to go to the show’s expo hall to have a look at, admire and fall in love with the fully-landscaped, decorated and constructed Centerpiece Home. Everything seems to have been properly organized to depict the show not as a new, but an event that has been occurring for the last nine decades. As a Home Show student, I was so eager to attend the show on 31st/01/2015 to make direct observations, ask queries and learn a lot of lessons that might of great importance to my course.

My attendance confirmed to me that Indianapolis is a real show in which people get to know much about houses, homes, gardens amongst other things that are meaningful to them. Everything on exhibition was quite appealing and worth spending money on.

Hence, I would like to state that my $12 that was spent on the show ticket did not go for a waste, but gave me a life-long reward-making me to deepen my knowledge on real estate. I was attracted to the Centerpiece Home because it presents a version of Paxton design. Meaning, it heavily borrows from the design techniques of the legendary Joseph Paxton who pioneered a unique kind of exterior design still in use up to date. The whole design and construction process was done by prestigious Fischer Homes, a reputable building company that has been constructing houses in Indiana for a very long time.

Its involvement in this work implies that it would be a valuable product that no one willing to own a home would miss whatsoever. This is because the Centerpiece Home has a lot of good features both in its exterior and interior. First, it is a large house with a size of 4,000 square feet. Thus, it becomes spacious enough to fit a total of four bed rooms, living rooms, kitchen spaces and three baths.

This implies that the house is quite spacious to provide enough room for accommodating a large number of people and giving them room to live a very comfortable and uninterrupted life. The exterior design of the house was properly made using a distinctive combination of building materials exclusively to give it an exceptional outlook. For instance, the entire building is equipped with properly-placed windows and interesting angles so as to give it the expected comfort, natural balance and harmony typical to the East Coast feeling.

To make it achieve the optimal comfort it targets, the Centerpiece Home has a large number of living spaces. These are composed of the master bedroom, three other bedrooms, owner’s retreat, open kitchen, basement and the entertainment floors. Each of the living spaces is situated in its own floor. This makes movement much easier while in the house. They are all aesthetic because their decorations are professionally done to suit the target market. I liked this house because of the design of its rooms. Each of them is given enough space to allow the occupants to enjoy themselves without many constraints.

For instance, the strategic location of the master bedroom next to the windows makes it to be very comfortable. Its position enables it to create a natural setting for the owner of house. The interior of the building was done by the renowned Touch of Class’ designer Joy Perkins along side Fischer’s Christine Robbins and Shari Bove. These are great interior design experts who have been credited with producing some of the most excellent designs.

By incorporating the elements of the French, Belgian and Italian architectures, the interior of the building stands out to be marvelous. The quality of the house was improved by giving it an appropriate finishing, decoration and equipping it eye-catching facilities such as accent chairs, round tables, cabinets, linen chairs to mention, but a few. The bedroom is furnished with 100% natural woolen rug to make much comfortable for the owner. These are features that are so appealing and can make the house to stand ahead of the rest.

If I had a client in urgent need of a home, I would definitely advise him to grab this opportunity to own my own. Having known the kind of houses built by Fischer Homes, I would urge the client to sacrifice his finances to purchase this home. First, I will do is to look for all the available options, assess the client’s financial abilities before making the right choice on the exact payment option to take. However, as said by Fischer Homes’ corporate marketing manager Mr.

Stephen Whaley, an interested client can liaise with the Victory Mortgage Company to seek for mortgage loans to help in financing the house. As a potential buyer, I should have all the information about the pricing policy of the company. Since single home ranges between $90,000 and 800,000, I will have to consider all the factors before making the right choice for my client. After choosing whether to build my client’s house in Westfield, Avon, Mt. Vernon, Carmel, Fishers/Geist, Greenwood Center Grove, Zionsville or McCordsville, we will know the exact costs to incur.

So, by choosing to have my Centerpiece Home constructed in Greenwood Center Grove, the client will need to part with a paltry $300,000. So, the buying option will be cash or partnering with Victory Mortgages to acquire a mortgage loan. Of these two, mortgage payment will be the better option. Although it will increase appear more expensive, resorting to mortgage will give me an assured financial plan to buy the home without necessarily having to touch my savings. After all, my client has a steady income that can enable me to qualify for such loan. As stated in http: //www. victorymortgage. net/CalcQualifier. x, my client’s annual income of $40,000 can easily qualify him for a $300,000 mortgage loan.

Meaning, he will not have to use his own resources, but arrange to get an intervention from Victory Mortgages to finance him. The mortgage calculator at http: //www. victorymortgage. net/MortgageCalculators will help in ascertaining the amount of money to be paid every month especially after sealing the credit arrangement with the mortgage company. If a down payment of $160,000 is paid, the rest can be comfortably disbursed at a fixed rate in agreeable monthly installments.

Through this, it will be possible to own a Centerpiece Home that everyone is yearning for. In conclusion, I would like to express my satisfaction with the Indianapolis Home Show. It was a well-organized event that brought together the who is who in the real estate industry. Through it, the attendees got an ample opportunity to know much about home rental, leasing and purchase. Personally, I was so delighted to come across great celebrities and have a direct encounter with the works of highly regarded Centerpiece Home.

I was so happy to see the home because I had never thought of seeing it before. What surprised me most is that the house’s interior design was done by Joy Perkins, Christine Robbins and Shari Bove. These are professionals who have been regarded as very successful designers, whose works have been receiving the approval of everyone. I was also surprised that surprised me is that the Fischer Homes allow its clients to use mortgage to acquire as home. This is so encouraging. For this reason, if given a chance, I would not hesitate to purchase the Centerpiece Home.

It is my dream home.

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