Essays on Reorganization of the Hiring Process to Internal Mobility Case Study

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The paper 'Reorganization of the Hiring Process to Internal Mobility" is a great example of a management case study.   Being a Human Resource Manager, I sought to execute a study concerning the indications of employee utilization. This is through focusing on the detection of the over-utilized and unutilized employees to provide the platform for the achievement of improved efficiency and productivity levels. The study sought to examine the indications of employee utilization within the company. The study focused on the integration of the effective motivations towards increasing the level of utilization, as well as improvement of productivity.

In addition, the study sought to address the need for recruitment for the over-utilized departments while providing the platform for retaining unutilized, but skilful employees. From this perspective, the study seeks to achieve the following objectives: To determine over-utilized, fully utilized, partially utilized, and unutilized employees in various departments To improve performance and productivity levels among the employees To provide the platform for adoption and implementation of recommendations and effective strategies, which will facilitate the improvement of employee utilization within the company To examine sources of ineffective employee utilization To explore effective strategies towards overcoming such issues leading to ineffective utilization of employees within the firm In the course of achieving these objectives, the study did focus on the utilization of a specific methodology, which was ideal for the collection of quality data.

The methodology focused on the calculation of the attendance of each employee (actual working hours). Besides, the research methodology sought to interview direct managers on the performance of their employees, as well as their perception of the level of utilization of their employees. There was also a quick survey about the quality of work by the employees within the firm.

The methodology was ideal for the generation of quality indications to employee utilization, which will be valuable for the top management. According to the findings of the study, there were indications of over-utilized, fully utilized, fairly utilized, partially utilized, and unutilized employees. These findings were valuable in the generation of the platform for the integration of quality recommendations and strategies towards the improvement of employees’ utilization, performance, and productivity levels within the firm. Background Employee utilization is a technique or mechanism, which focuses on maximizing the efficiency of the employees of the institution or company.

This is through the incorporation of several techniques or approaches such as training the employee in multiple areas to facilitate effectiveness and efficiency in switching from one role to another in agreement with the necessity. In this context, employees do not waste time on the less-profitable tasks while seeking to address the demands and expectations of the firms within the industry and market of the transaction. The execution of this research draws its motivation from the objective by the HR department to determine or recognize employees being over-utilized, fully utilized, partially utilized, and unutilized in pursuit of competitive advantage and sustainability in the provision of quality products and services.

From this perspective, the top management would use the findings of this study or research to integrate appropriate policies and HR practices relating to recruitment, training, turnover, retention, and employee engagement decisions.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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