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The paper "Individual Facility Review, Etihad Stadium" is a great example of a Management essay.   Etihad Stadium is located in Docklands and has a capacity of 55,000 seats in total. The stadium is designed in such a way that it can host different sporting events like cricket, soccer, rugby, and Australian football. Apart from these sporting activities, the stadium can also be used to perform concerts.   In order to allow for good or perfect conditions all the time, the stadium has a retractable roof that can open and closes itself within a short period of time, without affecting the people sitting behind the drip line of the roof.

Since it is a multipurpose facility, it is reconfigured to suit the nature of the activity taking place at the stadium (Etihad Stadium, 2015) The construction of Etihad Stadium can be told today in a totally captivating story. This is because the stadium is located in a region that was initially filled with silk and water. The construction of the stadium, however, did not just take place instantaneously, but it was a process that took a period of 10 years for the stakeholders to discuss the facility.

Initially, the stadium was built because of an idea to build a new stadium for rugby and soccer games. Later on, during the discussions, it was decided that the facility to be built in a way that could support other games like crickets to be played. There was also a need to increase the number of fans who could attend the games played and in turn, raise the amount of revenue being collected at the stadium. The stadium got its name on March 1, 2009, and was named after Etihad Airways in UAE.

The stadium is properly situated in a central place where it is accessible to all. It is located in the  Docklands which is nearly the CBD. This facility was intended to be a football facility during the construction. The stadium was constructed in the Southern Hemisphere and has a fully retractable roof. This facility is around 52,000 seat stadium and was designed to be a flexible venue that would play host to a broad range of sporting events and other entertainment users.

It is the best stadium and has movable seats that make the users of the stadium be at a proximity to the sporting activity in the field. Buying or booking of tickets is considered one of the main ways in which the stadium can generate income. This process is done by ticketing companies like the Ticketmaster and Ticketek.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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