Essays on KAYAKs Multi-Sided Market Analysis Case Study

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The paper 'KAYAK’ s Multi-Sided Market Analysis" is a good example of a marketing case study. KAYAK comes out as a technology-driven business entity focusing on the improvement of online travel. The company came into existence in 2004 with the objective of exploiting an effective approach towards finding travel online. The company has been able to utilize websites and mobile applications to facilitate easy access and assessment of accurate, as well as relevant information from diverse travel websites in the comprehensive, intuitive, and fast encounters. Additionally, the business entity has been able to offer multiple filtering and sorting options, tools for travel management, and flight status updates, pricing notices, and other valuable services.

The organization’ s services are free for travellers. The company tends to earn its revenues by sending referrals to the travel suppliers and OTAs, as well as advertising placements on the websites and other mobile applications. The objective of this report is to focus on the assessment of two questions. In the first instance, the report will explain and evaluate the multi-sided market of KAYAK. Secondly, the report will explore the types of intellectual property, which are important to KAYAK with substantive illustrations on their significance. KAYAK’ s Multi-sided Market Analysis According to Rocher & Tirole (2008), multi-sided markets refer to the markets in which platforms tend to offer or provide interaction services to two or more categories of the end-users.

On the other hand, Evans (2003) focused on the utilization of three components in the course of defining or illustrating the concept of the multi-sided market. In the first instance, he believes that a two-sided market occurs in the context of firms serving two distinct types of customers.

Secondly, such firms or platforms of operators service customers or consumers who depend on each other in certain important ways. Finally, a multi-sided market enables firms to serve consumers whose joint participation generates a platform for the creation of value to each other.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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