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The paper "Action Plan for Home Meal Delivery Service in the UK" is an impressive example of a Business assignment. There has been an increase in the aging population all over the world. The United Kingdom estimates that it has 1.2 million people above 85 years residing in Wales and England. This is a substantial increase from 1 million in 2001.  Results of the 2011 census revealed that there has been a larger increase in men over 85 years compared to women in the last 10 years. Besides, the census reveals that only 10% of elderly men and 20% of elderly women live in communal establishments (ONS 2013).

The majority of the elderly population live in their own private households or with family. The challenge for this homebound population is that the elderly people may find it difficult to prepare meals, have disabilities that prevent them from preparing meals, or suffer from chronic illness, which hinders their ability to cook nutritious meals. This population needs a home-meal delivery program where volunteers deliver nutritious home-cooked meals to their doorstep. The business would target a large market of 1 million elderly people living in the UK without meal assistance. The purpose of the action plan is to describe a home delivery service for UK residents.

The home delivery service will cater specifically to elderly people, homebound patients with chronic illness, and those with disabilities. It sets itself apart from other home delivery services by NutriChef, Oakhouse Foods, and Diet Chef because it does not focus on weight loss and it caters to the specific nutrition needs of an aging population, the chronically ill, and the disabled.

The rationale for the business is that the targeted population cannot prepare nutritious meals due to physical and mental difficulties such as disability. This business recognizes that this population needs full time or temporary meal services without the hassle of preparing the meals. The home delivery service meets this need by delivering nutritious meals to the client’ s doorstep and providing social support through volunteers who provide the meals.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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