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The paper "Risk Management Plan for Festivities " is a perfect example of management coursework.   The undertaking of the festivities is subject to many demands. This is due to the numbers and records and risks that are involved in all the undertakings. They are necessitated by the condition and the demand for some services in the location of the activities. Some of the most demanded goods and services are among other transport, security, accommodation and food for those in attendance. Some of the risks that also exist include the presence of narrow roads, the hilly and twisty nature of the roads at the location of the festivities.

Another high risk that exists in the high number of people expected to attend the festival. As such, there needs to be developed some plans so as to aid in the control and management of the people to be in attendance. They include the resourcing plan, the risk management plan and the leadership and management plan. Resourcing plan. The resources that will be required for the undertaking of the festivities are; Accommodation facilities Food and water for the people For a project manager, it is crucial for him to identify and develop a plan that will enable the easy flow and movement of the project and according to the project plan that had been earlier developed.

According to the event in hand, the need for adequate resources is very eminent. The need for the resources is arrived at due to the high numbers of people that are expected to attend the three-day event. The first resource that is required for the day to be a success is adequate accommodation for the people that will be attending the event.

This is due to the fact that the present local accommodation is limited. This means that it can meet the accommodation needs of all the people that will attend the festival. In order to see to it that all the people who attend the festival are adequately accommodated, it is important for the project manager to identify some key factors that can be put in place. (HOPKIN, (2013)) In order to see to it that is possible, there are some options that can be used in order to manage the situation.

The first option that can be used is arranging with the people that offer accommodation facilities to expand their levels of accommodation. This can have the advantage of increasing the number of people who are accommodated. The second option can be through collaboration with the people who will be attending the event. They can be advised to come with camping facilities such as tents so as to aid in their accommodation. They can also be advised to come with caravans so that they can stay in them for the three days in which the event will take place.

Through this, the levels of accommodation and the stress will be managed. The local residents can also arrange and host some people on their premises for the time of the festivities. The second resource that is greatly required is food. The local food outlets should expand their operations for three days. This will aid in the adequate feeding of the people that will attend the festivities. There can also be the establishment of temporary food joints.

This is for the ensuring of the availability of food for the people in attendance. The resource of water should also be availed for all in attendance. This is due to its importance. There can also be the use of outsourced outside catering services. This will also help in the increase in the number of people who have access to food. The fear of the absence of food for those not residing in the hotels will be completely eliminated. With this, there will also be the ensuring of high hygiene levels for the people who will be in attendance.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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