Essays on Sales Team Structure of the Hewlett-Packard Company Case Study

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The paper "Sales Team Structure of the Hewlett-Packard Company " is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. The report below offers the effective organization of a sales team and it will entail the sales structure, the salaries and remuneration of the sales team in addition to training and incentives. Based on the report, a total of about $7.3M ought to be spent in ensuring that the sales team achieves the best from their Australian market. Based on the report, the structure of the sales team should be designed based on geographical areas with the aim of creating strong relationships with its customers.

The remuneration package that HP should offer to the sales team ought to act as a motivating factor to ensure that they give the best performance. In addition to their remuneration incentives, training will also be offered to the sales team. Sales Team Structure The Hewlett-Packard Company which is commonly referred to as HP is an American multinational IT company with headquarters in Palo Alto California. The company develops and provides a wide range of hardware components in addition to software and other related services to the consumers, the medium and small-sized businesses and other large enterprises and its customers include the health sectors, education and the government.

Therefore, HP needed to build a strong relationship with its customers for it to maximize and generate an annual sale that amounts to $50,000,000. Combination of sales structure Based on the fact that a great number of HP customers are located all over the globe and that they have customers in a great number of countries, HP needs to come up with a geographical sales structure.

This structure ought to play an essential role in effectively allocating their staff in the different parts of the globe. This would help the company to realize its targeted sales target. By doing so, the team shall be able to focus on the creation of a strong and lasting customer relationship and the best way to do this is by being reliable and trustworthy. They can best achieve this by communication with their customers on a regular basis and responding to the various needs of their different kinds of customers (Munyon, Summers & Gerald 2011).

The geographical sales structure shall also play an essential role at HP in that it ensures that there is no duplication of tasks and responsibilities of the sales team, thus the allocated amount of work can be completed on time and in the most effective manner (Spiro, Gregory & Stanton 2008). Based on the fact that HP has a wide range of products such as digital cameras, scanners, printers, servers, computers and calculators, HP needs to make use of a specialist strategy.

Therefore, HP should have a great and large team which needs to have a wide knowledge of the various products so as to tackle the needs of the various customers in the most effective manner. In respect to these, HP will need to have managers on all major locations worldwide and the managers will need to have a high speciality in the products of HP. This will enable the managers to identify the problems and needs that are common among the customer and respond to these problems in the most effective manner and fulfill the needs of the customers well and in a timely manner.

This is essential since by responding to the customer needs in a timely and most effective manner (Zoltners, Prabhakant & Greggor 2001), HP is better positioned as compared to their competitors operating in the same industry. This means that HP will have the opportunity to increase their sale figures by selling a great number of their products. To enhance the relationship with the already existing customers and those who are aspiring to buy from them in the future, HP should make use of the combination sales structure.

HP needs to engage in consistent communication for it to enhance its sales.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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