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The paper "Sports Direct Loses Biggest Independent Investor by Rupert Steiner " is a perfect example of a business article.   This paper looks at evaluating an article on corporate governance that has been published in the last 2 months. Based on the above dimension an article titled “ Sports Direct loses biggest independent investor” by Rupert Steiner which was published on 3rd August 2017 in the Guardian News & Media Limited has been selected. The paper analyzes the above-mentioned article based on different dimensions. On the forefront, the paper presents the different corporate governance issues which have been highlighted in the article.

This is then backed by highlighting the different issues with different corporate governance issues and the reason the article has got prominence in the media. The paper then provided my personal opinion regarding the manner in which corporate governance issues were ignored. The paper would thereby help to provide useful insights and act as a guide in helping to deal with the different issues of corporate governance and the manner in which the overall working condition can be improved. The article states that Sports Direct has lost its biggest independent investors as both Standard Life and Aviva have sold their stake.

The reason for selling the stake has been cited as different corporate governance issues that Sports Direct faces. Some of the core corporate governance issues which have been highlighted are the dominance of Mike Ashley who is the CEO of Sports Direct in all business matter, the excessive rewards which the business makes to its employees and poor treatment of workers. It has been stated that Sports Direct hasn’ t been able to work on the above-stated issues which have made it difficult for the investors to be associated with the business. Sports Direct on the other hand has highlighted the different steps which the business has taken with regard to the different issues.

The business has looked at improving the condition of workers by taking feedback from them and working in that direction. The business has also looked to provide English training as most of the people working with Sports Direct don’ t have English as their primary language.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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