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Yahoo Case Study Yahoo Case Study Currently, Yahoo is facing a host of problems in positioning its brand at the right level for future aspects. Many understand that the lack of a strategic plan on its activities may see it lose its position within the advertising industry as well as lose the revenue that could emanate from the digital platform. Currently, everyone is using online advertising and outsourcing as a way of getting better services and saving on operational costs. Mobiles are also taking advantage of the growing internet avenues, and this provides new avenues of dealing with the issues at hand (Hitt, Ireland, & Hoskisson, 2014).

Recommendation #1: Yahoo! should use its investments to work on setting itself as the premier company in the area of advertisement. With the resources the company possesses around the world, making it media for advertisements would make it easier to realize more profits because it slumped when others were taking advantage of the growing online resources. It should create an online presence that will allow it to take advantage of the current online euphoria. Justification The current online environment has seen many people go to online shops to reach out to wider audiences.

This means that if Yahoo can take advantage of this online phenomenon, it will be at a better position given that it has already established a name for itself previously. Implementation The first step is to come up with a budgetary allocation that will identify the amount present. A feasibility study must also be carried out to ensure that the market the company is getting into is not flooded. The company resources should also be used to create an advantage, with the presence in Japan, China and North America acting as a benchmark to gain access to various markets.

Campaigns should be done to see that this happens as expected. The pre-mortem analysis shows that this recommendation may flop if the company does not alert its employees to be part of the team. In turn, Yahoo should ensure that all employees are part of the team because their acceptance of change will drive the company to higher heights. Recommendation #2: using mobile platforms to reach out to the markets will also be a good way of diversifying the company’s portfolio. Justification The mobile industry, mainly the Smartphones, has taken the world by storm.

Companies such as Samsung, Nokia and Apple have managed to create markets across the globe and continued to compete on platforms that please their clientele. If Yahoo can join one of the phone companies and roll out applications that can add to its continued growth, it will be a better means of achieving the political climate needed on that particular day. This will also create new avenues that will speed up their penetration into emerging markets in Asia and Africa. Implementation With her digital background, Mayer should come up with a group of individuals who will purposely create new applications that will create options for the clients and then approach mobile companies to partner with them.

They will use the mobile firm’s presence to link with their clients and take over the updates and improvements as a way of making sure they satisfy all stakeholders. The pre-mortem for this is that the company may not agree to carry this out due to Loeb’s ideas.

However, with the overwhelming support of the requisite materials, it will be important that Mayer does a good presentation and bring on board all other members to counter Loeb’s influence. Reference Hitt, M. A., Ireland, D. R., & Hoskisson, R. E. (2014). Strategic management: Competitiveness and globalization, concepts & cases. Stamford, CT: South-Western College Pub.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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