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The paper "Chaos Theory Approach Adopted by Rick Stallsworth " is a good example of business coursework.   Rick Stallsworth founded the games forum as a small enterprise in his garage in 2001. The Australian leader holds the CEO position in the company. He has overseen its transformation of the company into a sizeable enterprise over the years. He continues directing its expansion by venturing into the Asian market. Rick makes most of the decisions singlehandedly and rarely consults other managers. He takes the autocratic approach of leadership where he makes the major decisions without consultation and expects the employees to adhere to set instructions (Adetule 92).

The leader possesses a strong character where he personally dictates the direction of the company. His ambitious character enables the conception of complex expansion strategies that he intends the company to adopt. The CEO decided to call the directors for a meeting without briefing them on the agenda. He introduced ambitious ideas without prior consultation with relevant departmental heads. Rick openly confronts Sue and dismisses her ideas on the subject matter. He appoints Josh to head the expansion projects since Josh portrays signs of cooperation.

He predictably rejects Sue’ s proposal since it disagrees with the expansion ideology (Adetule 10). The chaos theory offers an important insight into the change management approach adopted by Rick. Likert’ s behavioral theory also offers an in-depth analysis of Rick’ s leadership style and its effects on other employees’ performance. Gray’ s biopsychological theory of personality will assist in the analysis of the employees’ traits that result in their reaction to Rick’ s decisions (Stelmack 12). This will also cover the psychological and sociological effects of Rick’ s decisions on the employees. Analysis Likert’ s leadership model classifies leaders into various categories according to the leadership style they adopt (Gottlieb 20).

Rick’ s leadership style falls under the autonomous autocratic category. He adopts a style where he makes all the major decisions and expects other employees to follow them unconditionally. The directors, therefore, become decision takers instead of decision-makers. This form of leadership created tension among the employees with one of them resulting in a public outburst. Rick possesses a strong character with a lot of confidence in his decisions.

He fails to trust other employees’ judgment and expects them to follow his lead. These traits hinder Rick from involving other people in decision-making. His leadership history also explains why he adopts an autocratic leadership approach. He solely managed the company and transformed it into a successful enterprise hence believing that no one can manage it better than him. Ambition acts as a major driver to Rick who develops complex business ideas and expects the employees to emulate this value system. This value would potentially influence the employees’ attitudes towards challenges by encouraging performance improvement.

It would also enhance the social system in the organization through collective involvement in the achievement of the organization’ s objectives. An autocratic model of leadership de-motivates employees through a lack of active participation in management. Sue feels offended by Rick’ s approach since he imposes instructions on them without concern for their opinions. Sue, therefore, lacks the motivation to participate in designing the business plan since she anticipates rejection from Rick.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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