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The paper "CEVA Logistics International Marketing " is a good example of a marketing case study. CEVA Logistics was founded in 2006 after Apollo Management, leading private equity investors in the world acquired TNTs logistics (CEVA Logistics 2012). In 2007, it merged with EGL Eagle Global Logistics making CEVA the second-largest non-asset based supply chain management firm worldwide. CEVA Logistics operates as a holding company; it offers end-to-end design, distribution and transportation management, and logistics services. Before the merger, the company offered only contract logistics services. After the merger, it began offering combined services in supply chain management and can be classified into three broad categories: freight management, ground, and contract logistics.

Services are delivered through complex supply chain solutions on a national, regional or global scale for medium to large enterprises. The regional structure comprises Northern Europe, Southern Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific. This global presence allows CEVA to provide increased supply chain needs of more than 15000 customers. Through its subsidiary, it provides supply chain management services such as freight forwarding, contract logistics, distribution management services and transportation management.

The company has more than 50,000 employees and operates in more than 150 countries (CEVA Logistics 2012). CEVA Freight Forwarding Freight forwarding refers to carriers such as ocean and airlines carrier that provides services to their customers to meet their transportation requirements. CEVA is one of the largest global freight forwarders operate within a worldwide network; it is ranked fifth globally (CEVA Logistics 2012). CEVA acts as an agent between the customer and the carrier. Since it bundles the goods of many customers, CEVA can purchase cargo space in trucks, rail, ships, and airplanes at a lower price and resell these services with their customers.

Consequently, CEVA offers a complete solution for their customers' transports needs. The services offered by CEVA freight include air, ocean and ground freight, handling of goods, facilitating trade, customs brokerage as well as and compliance consulting. Therefore customers get an opportunity to choose the service that best suits their needs. CEVA has an extensive long-term relation with shipping lens and thus has access to a global carrier range to meet customers' shipping needs. CEVA ocean freight services include Less-Than-Container Load (LCL) and Full-Container Load (FCL) shipments as well as ocean freight management, break-bulk, project forwarding, and charter services.

CEVAs customers are mainly from automotive, technology, pharmaceutical, engineering, and retail industry. In 2011, the total freight forwarding market globally was estimated to be $170 billion, and CEVA is estimated to manage 50% of the global air and ocean freight market (CEVA Logistics 2012). Ground Transportation of ground involved provision of load transport by rail or roads. Services are offered by truck or train. CEVA combines transport execution and transport management services to meet road freight needs. Contract Logistics Contract logistics providers manage their clients' supply chain operations on contractual relationships where they are expected to provide logistic services.

CEVA is ranked the second largest contract logistics provider worldwide. Contract logistics include packaging, warehousing, labeling, quality controls, and transportation. CEVA contract logistics services include manufacturing support, inbound and outbound logistics, distribution, manufacturing support and after logistic services (CEVA Logistics 2012). CEVA Marketing Activities CEVA creates good support for its customers and goes beyond to spread positive word of mouth, and this has helped the company to focus more on service delivery.

CEVA, however, uses various platforms for promotional purposes. The components of CEVA integrated marketing communications are more towards digital communication, which has given the company ample opportunity to deliver its services on a global scale.



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