Essays on Effective Leadership and Management Coursework

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The paper "Effective Leadership and Management" is a great example of management coursework.   I disagree with the notion that ‘ there is only one best way to manage’ . Most managers adapt their leadership style based on the level of development of the individuals that they are managing. Over the past decades, studies have revealed that successful leaders do adapt their style of leadership based on the situation’ s need. Majority of them have made recognition that there exists no best style (Blake, Mouton, Robert, & Srygley 2014, p. 1). Some individuals still think that there exist a single way that can be utilized for ensuring the management of the people.

It is essential for managers aiming at making an improvement in their capacity to lead individuals to a higher performance level to ensure the adaptation of their leadership style to match the level of development of the individuals that they are managing. This approach has been proved to be essential in assisting managers to assist the individuals they are leading to perform at their best each time (Burnes 2016, p. 1). The ‘ situational leadership II models by The Ken Blanchard Company teaches the managers to ensure the modification of support, as well as the direction to provide the direction of the report and this, is mainly based on their level of commitment skills for the task they are presently performing.

Blanchard identifies four development stages namely the enthusiastic beginner, capable but cautious learner, disillusioned learner, and self-reliant achiever (Ken Blanchard Company 2007, p. 1). One of the ways to ensure that the business is achieving success is through proper management of the people.

It is also important for one to be consistent and fair when it comes to enforcing the requirements of performance as well as work rules. The manager is required to know his/her people as a way of finding the right way by which one can approach them. It is also essential to spend some times with these people to assist in the solidification of the teamwork as well as assist in ‘ issues’ clarification. This will also assist in ensuring the accountability of the individuals (Smith 2014, p. 11). Instead of continued reliance on memos and emails, it is important for the managers to have a personal conversation with individuals that he/she is managing.

It is also important for one to ensure that honesty is prevailing in the group. One gains the capacity to know the means of dealing with the people. Sometimes, it is important for the manager to allow people to do their job without interference. The company stands to gain a lot if the manager agrees that no single style of management is in existence. It is important for one to work on practices which are best, ensure that he/she knows the staff members, as well as communicate with them at a personal level (Fineman, Sims, & Gabriel 2015, p.

14). Organizations have their operations in various environments and it is essential to evaluate the influence they have on their structures. Effective as well as efficient organizing is currently becoming significant in the present-day world pigeonholed by rapid changes. Contingence approaches give the emphasis that for organizations to attain success, it is important for them to ensure the adaptation of structure which is appropriate for the environment of their operation.

Contingence theory occurs in various forms. Generally, contingency theories are mainly categorized as behavior theory that affirms the claim that there exists no best way by which a corporation can be organized or the company’ s organization structure (Burnes 2016, p. 1). Therefore, the organization can be organized through contingence upon the company’ s external and internal environment. Crucial external factors such as the size of the company, cost and the availability of the capital, government laws and policies, technologies, strategies, labor markets, as well as competition form part of the external environment.

The contingency theory’ s main idea incorporates the following:

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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