Essays on Impact of Relationship Marketing in Marketing Communications Essay

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The paper "Impact of Relationship Marketing in Marketing Communications" is an outstanding example of an essay on marketing. Every organization needs a workable marketing plan that is executed proficiently to enhance the required results. This is because; marketing entails disseminating information to potential buyers that certain products are available, at what price, quantity, and any discount, the main intent behind marketing is awareness to the potential clients that wish to lure clients into the bandwagon. It is worth noting that, aggressive marketing done according to stipulation fosters organizational excellence (Arnett, D, German, S, & Hunt, S, 2003) This in itself identifies that marketing is an essential endeavor that should not be overruled but harnessed in an organizational setting.

The reputations emanating from aggressive marketing is desirable as they depict spontaneous improvement in business. In the modernized world, dynamism has rocked every sector of the economy. Marketing has been reinvented by scholars who opine that the old models of marketing are no longer feasible as they consume more expenses than their returns. This has paved the way to the inculcation of marketing channels to the modern models of business which are profoundly more compelling.

The marketing channels developed in the day to day running of business indicate a paradigm shift in the course of business and to the mode of operations to extremely many ventures. Marketing channels are vital as they pave the way for the inculcation of information technology into business. Information technology is a modernized platform that eases operations in an organization to extremely desirable endeavors. For instance, through information technology, marketing has adopted the E-commerce channel. This involves the use of the internet to market for products looking for potential clients (Sheth & Parvatlyar 2005).

The marketing channels come with reduces operating expenses in terms of distribution costs. However, as enterprises garner momentum towards the incorporation of marketing channels in business, it is increasingly difficult to gain competitive advantage emanating from the use of marketing. The intention of this discussion is to delineate the impact of relationship marketing in marketing communications. Relationship marketing Over the years, old trends of operations have ceased and seen the rise of new advanced modes of doing things.

This transition has traversed all sectors of the economy paving the way for admirable progress in the century. Marketing has not been left out, and transformation is evident. In the past, marketing practices have been aimed at enhancing the size of sales transactions. However, scholarly input and other environmental transformation have facilitated the emergence of relationship marketing (Commuri, S, 2009). Relationship marketing emanates from response targeting marketing campaigns emphasizing on consumer satisfaction and retention.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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