Essays on Understanding of Work Health & Safety Policies Report

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The paper "Understanding of Work Health & Safety Policies" is a great example of a report on management. I have excellent computer skills. I hold a proficiency certificate in computer application packages from a reputable computer school. I also have practical experience in the use of computers, having used it from junior school all the way to university. We use the computer in school to type do assignments and research. As far as keyboarding skills are concerned I can type an average of 30 words per minute with no errors. Previous experience in a similar role I have previously worked in a refugee camp where there was all caliber of people.

There were old people, sick people, children, and nursing mothers. I worked there as a supplies internee whenever I was not in school. My work was to make sure that we had enough supplies, especially for people with special needs. These supplies included medicine and drugs, high nutrients food, diapers, bedding, and other personal emoluments. Each holiday I worked there for a minimum of 2 weeks. Experience with Ms. Office suite programs As I have mentioned above I have a proficiency certificate in Ms.

Application packages from a recognized computer school. I also have a practical experience because these are the application packages we normally use in school to type assignments and communicate through email. Experience in administrative systems I have a Bachelor’ s degree in management. In my undergraduate studies, I have undertaken among other units, a unit in managing people at work and industrial relations. This has equipped me with internal office and accounting function office skills. I have also practiced this knowledge during my various internships at the refugee camp.

In the refugee camp I was the assistant in charge of supplies and this included accounting and making records on the stock received, the amount consumed and the amount carried forward to the following day. From previous consumption, I could predict daily consumptions. Therefore at the end of each day, I was able to determine how much we needed to requisition for the following day. In the refugee camp also, I was the assistant in charge of office functions to ensure a smooth running of the operations. High standard of written and verbal communication skills I have a proficient understanding of English and Arabic as a working language.

All through school I have learned and spoken in the English language. During my undergraduate studies, I undertook and passed in a subject called business communication. This subject is all about communication skills in business and in the workplace. Overall I have an excellent knowledge of communication skills, the high standard was written language skills, and fluent communications of English and Arabic languages. Ability to show initiative and prioritize workloads I am an open-minded person who is capable of working under pressure with minimum or no supervision.

I have always done what has got to be done without waiting for some other time to act. I have also learned to work with a work plan whereby I list my jobs in order of datelines and importance. When I am faced with a situation where I have to do more than one job, I will resort to doing the ones with shorter datelines first to ensure that I don’ t work behind the schedule.

I have found work plans important because they not only tell me what to do but also inform me how urgent it is and at times how it is to be done. When no datelines are attached I have resorted to doing the tasks I consider important first before doing the less important. This has ensured that I do not end up rushing through something important at the last minute thereby doing substandard work. Ability to work with minimum supervision and also as part of a team I am a hardworking person capable of working with minimum or no supervision even when I am under a lot of pressure from work.

What has really helped me do this is my ability to understand instructions very fast. I am also a courageous person and will always ask for clarification when something is not clear. This has enabled me to work with minimal supervision and has also enabled me to do my work efficiently and accurately. This has helped me earn a lot of confidence from my supervisors because they know I always deliver. As far as teamwork is concerned, I am a social person who believes that everyone’ s idea matters.

I have learned through experience in school that something which seems very hard and complicated can actually be easily resolved through teamwork. I have also learned that when people are working in teams or during brainstorming sessions it is very important that one is able to understand another person’ s point through their point of view. By doing this one realizes that whatever the other person is saying actually is a valid point.

It is only after understanding each group member’ s point of view that one is able to select the best course of action. Understanding of and commitment to Client-centered service delivery Client-centered service delivery is whereby the service delivered by an organization have been tailor-made to suit the client’ s needs. It is a system whereby the clients determine the kind of services to be offered because of their special needs. This system of service delivery is designed for serving people with diverse special needs. I have had an experience with such a delivery system during my workdays at the refugee camp.

The services we were offering depended on the needs of the client. It was very hard to predict the kind of clients to receive on any particular day and therefore there was an effort to try as much as possible to prepare for any eventuality that could occur. In institutions such as the refugee centers and centers of people with special needs, it is the best way to operate because the ultimate goal of such organizations is not profit-making but rather to further a humanitarian need.

I am committed to such a service delivery system. Understanding of Work Health & Safety policies and risk management processes Work health and safety policies are certain actions taken by organizations in order to guide and promote safe and effective working procedures. They also help to boost occupational hygiene and safety training. Under the health and safety policies, types of hazards associated with the workplace, and active participation of employees are laid down. The goal of the work health and safety policies is to promote the occupational health and safety status of the office.

It also helps to ensure the commitment of the senior management towards a healthy and safe working environment. When an effective health and safety policy is put in place in the workplace, it will ensure the overall safety of the workplace. Injuries in the workplace will also be reduced to a bare minimum. Work health and safety policies are usually communicated to employees through training, committees, manuals, notice boards, and job descriptions. The risk management process is a process undertaken by the risk management officer in which he will identify the various risks facing the entity, then assess the risks and prioritize in order of importance.

Once the risks are identified, assessed, and prioritized, the risk management officer will look into ways of mitigating and eliminating the risks. It is a process that is geared towards the achievement of a safe working environment. Current driver's license. I have held a full class B driving license for the past 6 years with no demerit points. Desirable criteria Awareness of the issues that affect people with a disability, people who are frail aged When I was working at the refugee camp I came into contact with many people with diverse needs.

Most of these people were old and they depended on other people, either relatives or well-wishers, for assistance in the day to day running of their lives. I realized that old people ought to be treated with the utmost care because they are very frail. Some are also not emotionally stable and need a lot of patience because they get angry very fast when their needs are not met.

This is also the same case for people with disabilities. These people need assistance and patience because some of them have very low self-esteem. Desktop publishing skills I have a working knowledge of desktop publishing skills. Certificate III or IV in Business Studies or equivalent formal studies in business or administration I have a diploma in business and I am working towards the attainment of a degree in management. Business administration was one of the subjects studied in both the above. I, therefore, have a good understanding of business administration. Additional Information   I have an interest in working with people with special needs.

I am very patient when it comes to dealing with such people and their families.          

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