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Essays on Event Management in a Country Endowed by Challenges Associated with Child Labour and Sexual Violence Essay

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The paper “ Event Management in a Country Endowed by Challenges Associated with Child Labour and Sexual Violence” is a worthy example of an essay on management. Globally, children are vulnerable to different forms of exploitation including those sexually related. Other forms of exploitation involve domestic violence, physical abuse by friends and families, and early employment. According to the research conducted by Barnardo Foundation, show that approximately 3.5 million children in the UK live in the party. These problems experienced by the children triggered us to organize fundraising activities to assist in securing the future of the children.

To make the preparation more effective and eye-catching, the project management teams brought together students with different skills including leadership, communication, presentation, and marketing. Moreover, attracting people to contribute to the event requires the maintenance of quality services since fundraising activities were organized in the form of competition with students in other groups as well (El-Meligi,   2012, 251). We entitled the event as Eat & Help with the objective of raising the funds to assist the vulnerable children in dare need. Furthermore, the project also aimed at promoting teamwork among the students by offering quality cuisines.

It was important that food becomes tasty to attract more clients. Although organizing the event was not that easy, it was fruitful as I managed to learn more about the importance of fostering effective and reliable teamwork. Besides, the project assisted me in understanding the benefits associated with sharing ideas as a means of enhancing my professional skills. The major factor affecting most of the fundraising activities for a charity organization is the technique used in communicating the event and challenges associated with convincing people that their sacrifices would for noble causes.

Working for a charity organization has always been my passion; therefore, the fundraising event gave me the opportunity to acquire more experience. Considering the fact that the event took place within the learning institution, preparing Asian foods in the menu helped to attract most students as they like eating foodstuff they are familiar with and delicious. Majorly, the event brought together students from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh making marketing for the project easier. My role was quite delicate since it involved giving suggestions on which the group members were to brainstorm.

Together with the other two members, we suggested the ideas while the other for four members helped in upgrading the main ideas that would ensure the success of the project. In addition, the entire process of collaboration required collaborative, active, enthusiastic, and charismatic group members, which Simon demonstrated throughout the entire process. Although some members were less corporative at the initial stages of the project to raise the funds, they later showed commitment since majority rule worked in our group.

However, all the activities involving preparations were carried out in moderation to ensure the involvement of all members. To enhance our level of communication among potential clients, and the group made use of most social media platforms considering the number of subscribers using them within the institutions. In my view, my contribution to the project was immense. With the other, I contributed to generating ideas, planning, and actively supporting the organized activities. Since the project targeted more than just the students but also teachers and the surrounding Asians, it was significant to develop and coin better communication skills to help people know how much their contribution was important.

Although most students were aware of the project, there was a need to have a detailed analysis of the method used in approaching the teachers as they also fell within our marketing niche. Besides, to assist us to reach more students and teachers, our group set aside three days of applying our marketing strategy to meet these clients, create awareness, prepare contingency plans, and gathering different types of food that would help meet the demands of our target group (Sears,   2007, 101).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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