Essays on A Company's Target Market and Market Positioning, Marketing Mix, Link between Marketing Plan Activities Case Study

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The paper “ A Company’ s Target Market and Market Positioning, Marketing Mix, Link between Marketing Plan Activities" is a potent example of a case study on marketing. Assessment of the trading environment of any business entity is a very critical point when setting the objectives of the company. The various means used in the assessment of a company or institution work to ensure that decision-makers possess the required information to help them make the required decisions (Page, 2003). The company operates in a very competitive market. The top of the list of competitors is Tiger and Qantas.

These two competitors enjoy the largest market share based on the fact that they have been in the industry for a very long time. Another factor behind their competitiveness is a strong asset and resource base. This market is also defined by external factors like the global economic crisis. For a business to succeed there is a need to analyze the various components of the marketing plan in order to understand the suitable strategy to be adopted. Regardless of the fierceness of the environment of trade as presented through the market analysis, businesses that are ready to strategically position themselves in the market will always succeed. Objectives for 12 MonthsThe market situations presented in the analysis provide the basis over which the objectives of the company are laid.

The current situation provides the required information that will assist marketers in design approaches to dealing with the challenges inherent in the market. These objectives will guide the company on how to overcome the challenges inherent in the environment. They are meant to gear up the company towards achieving while in the current environment.

The following are some of the objectives of the company for 12 months: To eliminate operational inconveniences for long-distance travels through modification of processesTo increase the international flights by 10% of the current flightsTo put a cost ceiling in order to deal with the uprising fuel pricesTo seek short term financing in order to deal with expansion needsTo explore all possible means of reducing carbon emissionsTo increase the market share up to 10%To put in place employee on-job training programsTarget Market and Market PositioningThe two highlighted aspects are the top most critical aspects of any marketer.

The importance of these aspects is felt across all players in the industry. Both the new and existing businesses must fully understand and implement the market positioning strategy (Gremler, Bitner & Zeithami, 2012). This is the ultimate selling point for companies and other businesses. The companies must carry out a comprehensive analysis of the market to be able to come up with the best strategies that will work in the targeted market. In this regard, a study has already been conducted concerning the environment from which this company operates.

It is a bit easier to select the market segment that the company is better placed to capitalize upon by meeting its needs. This is in line with the strategies and resources that the company has lined up for the sake of the market. When the appropriate market has been identified, it is easier to focus on specific strategies that are aimed at exploiting the opportunities in that market. The company will be looking at the opportunities to exploit and the challenges to overcome in order to meet the set goals and objectives.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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