Essays on Project Management Skills, Concept and Theories Essay

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The paper "Project Management Skills, Concept and Theories" is a great example of a management essay. The paper introduces a reflective discussion of project management. It gives the presentation outcome and objectives of the project management process. It goes ahead to discuss the lessons learned through group work and project management. The concept learned theories and models are also outlined. It ends by giving the conclusion of the reflective study 2.0Introduction This paper discusses the reflective learning process of the project management skills, concepts and theories. The paper is informative as it highlights major parts which we learned throughout the project.

The hard skills learned and soft skills. 3.0Presentation parts Throughout my presentation in class, I have been pleased with the marks which I have gotten since I got above average marks though it is not up to the set objectives which I initially aimed at. The team gave their best in the presentation outlined major details of their project. It was presented in a more simple and explicit manner which anyone could understand and appreciate. The group was applauded for their all-inclusive work which they did and this simply signified the good work we did during the presentation. There was proper planning throughout the process which helped us to deliver a quality project, though some factors like time constraints limited our preparation, we could also not agree on some major parts of our presentations which delayed our rehearsal, otherwise, the whole program went on smoothly as planned. 4.0Lessons learnt We learnt several lessons during our presentation which includes continuous practicing to develop public confidence; time constraints also another factor that could not go unnoticed and the group will schedule earlier next time so that we could meet the deadline.

The recommendations from the supervisors will be incorporated about work organization which should start with the introduction of group members, topic to be discussed, and then the actual presentation and give a conclusion and recommendation of the study.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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