Essays on Team Work on Operations Management Case Study

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The paper “ Team Work on Operations Management”   is an inspiring example of a case study on human resources. A case study was conducted by a group to determine how well the group can work together. The case study was about operations management at Ryanair and Flextronics Company Every member was to participate fully in the case study and give their own opinions which were then analyzed by the group. All the opinions and suggestions were to be treated equally without any bias. This was mainly for the purpose of ensuring that every member is comfortable with the others.

The objectives were realized by the group due to the closer working relationship among the members. The team was able to score high marks and every team member was happy with the results achieved. The team was also able to achieve these results due to hard work, discipline, and closer working relations. The team was able to complete the assignment by answering four questions regarding the operations of the companies. The team members had respect for one another and this greatly contributed to the success of the team.

This is because it created an enabling environment for close consultations among the team members. IntroductionThe report is an account of a proposal to save money at a meeting I attended recently concerning Ryanair and Flextronics Companies. Members were divided into groups so as to enable discussions among the members. This saw the formation of the teams with members drawn at random. Each group was composed of members that they had not worked with before. Initially, this was a challenge but it was resolved as the members continued with the process.

As a result of working in the team a lot of knowledge and skills were learned by each team member. All the team members also made contributions towards solving problems presented to the team regarding the operations management at Ryanair and Flextronics Companies. Rules and regulations were set out for the team members to follow so as to ensure that all the members participate and work with each other. The paper will discuss in details the main findings in the team.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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