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You copied everything in red colure change it now I will give you 10 mins not more that tis timeIntroductionTechnology has been on the rise going to certain heights that most companies are now trying to move parallel with. All this is achievable by diversification. By this I mean that in order to avoid being scraped out companies have to go electronic which means deal more with the internet. That itself is a strategic move. In this case study the main business is a virtual interface that allows the buying and selling of commodities in the internet.

This has really helped a lot, eBay is a virtual company that deals with a lot of selling on the World Wide Web and this has risen to help people have an easy time, but this does not mean that it’s the only company which does this, or rather an easy thing but a means to sustain it is also a task that eBay has to go through some strategizing here and there and so this paper will try to explain the different kinds of decisions strategic management, how to implement these ideas and how they have worked well where implemented, whether positive or negative. External and Internal AnalysisThe company can well be analysed through a number of processes.

SWOT analysis has been used to analyse the company’s external and internal environments according to the case study ‘A simple (SWOT) analysis would clarify the way eBay has been doing and where it should concentrate on. When it comes to strategizing as shown below; StrengthsEBay has achieved Market leadershiphas really put itself out there having a wide range of products hence brand awareness.

And to add to that if there was any product in the market the company would be in the best position in the market (Fred R & David Francis, 2010). Intellectual property, eBay’s intellectual dealing with registered trademarks, copyrights, patents and domains is likely to give the company a bitter competitive edge and as result increased sales and rocket high profits and a greater market share. EBay as a brand has done so well in the past and it has established itself as a virtual auction website which is becoming known in the international market.

And soon mainstream, due to this the brand eBay has caught the attention of buyers and now if anyone wants to shop the first place one could think of is eBay being an advantage, and eventually maximizing sales. EBay’s The business modelis a very unique company that happens to have no inventory with a very low capital requirement hence all that it does is making profit, this makes it on top and gives it the competitive advantage that it has hence strength. WeaknessesEBay’s advertising costs in the resent past have not been doing well due to the 2% recorded return on advertisement.

(Jill Shepherd, Simon Fraster University. 2012) it still shows major weakness. As indicated; increased expectations in the sense that whereby the company has been rising hence attracted a lot of competition, hence investors come in and with rise of investors it has to keep on innovating and meeting financial goals raising a weakness.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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