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The paper "Individual Assessment Consisting of Three Parts" is a great example of a Business assignment. Conflict management is termed as the practice of being able to identify and at the same time handle conflicts that are likely to arise in a sensible, fair, and efficient manner.   Conflicts seem to be a natural part of businesses and thus people must understand conflicts and measures that can be put in place to handle and resolve them (Wallensteen 2002). Every employee is striving to prove how much they are valuable to their organization and this can at times lead to a lot of disputes between the employees. 1.2 Overview of the topic 1.2.1 History of conflict management Human beings have for a long period been waging conflicts and thus they have since time immemorial being engaged in various ways to end the conflicts.

In every society, they have been the application and use of various ways to curb fights, for example, through the use of adjudication and mediation. The diversity and breadth of the conflict management field are a result of the long history of the field and its modern-day character.

In discussing the history of conflict management, it is essential to note the period between the American and French revolutions as well as the period of the First World War (Wallensteen 2002). The revolutions that occurred in the late 1770s recognized the essential role that can be played by participation in governance as well as fundamental human rights. Many intellectual leaders of the time such as; Jean Smith, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison just to mention a few, came up with several processes and procedures which could be used in managing difference and avoiding tyrannies.

At the same time, they also discussed the practical and moral issues that were related to dealing with conflict and a great emphasis was made on reasoning.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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