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IntroductionThe Olympics Games is one of the most popular events in the world and is held after a period of four years; it has around 10,000 participants and is watched by approximately four billion people. Due to this, there is no prize fro a cit greater than having an honor to get the bid to hoist the famous Olympics and Paralympics events. The event is watched by many a fan over television while hundreds of thousands visit the host country to have a look of the event. The cities getting the chance to host the event will have a swell in population and will also get the chance to have greater popularity around the world.

Bedford is located in Bedfordshire County. The hotel is located along the Southampton Row from the Holborn Tube station. It is rated three star. It is strategic in the location so that it is the default hotel for the leisure traveler looking for good standard accommodation and is recommended in London City. The county has secured aspirations that it will achieve the maximum benefits from the games.

Most of the research findings have been found from reports of the previous games that were recorded previously in big sports events like the FIFA world cup and Olympic Games. There will be a need to have effective communication and transport system which will also be a legacy system for the whole region of East England. The links that will be established between the programmes in London, ands also achieving regional and cross regional working and networks will be significant in achieving maximum benefits to the East England. The event will also provide an opportunity to develop and improve the structures that are found in the region so that the area will be developed and effect communication network even after the events are over.

One of the overarching success factors will be the maximizing of the legacy benefits. This will be the yardstick that will be used to measure the success that will have been achieved. It will be essential to forward partnership and cross working in both public and private sectors. This will help to attain the maximum benefits and bring with the required and desirable cultural opportunities.

The sections that follow will define the achievement that the Olympic Games will bring to the region of East England in the long run. One of the achievements will be the fact that it will put the region to the world map. After the event, it is expected that the tourists visiting the area will have been increased by 3% ever year and the business tourists will also be increased to 3% per annum. Sport events will be used to showcase the region in the world map.

The business that will be achieved in this region will be increased as well. The contracts that will be achieved will be aligned to the Olympic contracts. The construction industry will be seen to contribute approximately 50 million pounds. Another 50 million pounds will be contributed by other industries like the art and transport sectors.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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