Essays on Relationship between Satisfaction, Attitudes, and Performance at an Organization Level Analysis Article

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The paper 'Relationship between Satisfaction, Attitudes, and Performance at an Organization Level Analysis " is a good example of a management article. One major technique of building on the data that we already have is by reviewing the works of other intellectuals in our intended field of study. This can only be achieved through the employment of systematic methods to obtaining, confirming and advancing on the data that is already available (Allen & Earl 15- 24). The significance of this is that it offers the application of up to date information when it comes to the actual fieldwork, for example, when it comes to the relationship between employee satisfaction and organizational performance.

In order to achieve this, it is vital to engage in the employment and review of the research findings linked with the pertinent field of the study. This paper seeks to offer a critical review of an article concerning the relationship between satisfaction, attitudes, and performance at an organization level analysis in order to build a body of knowledge that could be employed by managers in order to improve organization performance.

The purpose of the paper is to recognize the diverse types of evidence, together with the author’ s strengths and weaknesses through the employment of the appraisal tools. Critique Topic The article’ s title- the relationship between satisfaction, attitudes, and performance at an organization level analysis is appropriately phrased. The topic relates clearly to the author's purpose and ideas in the entire article. Besides, the topic of this article is very essential to the understanding of organizational behavior, management and advancement of organizational effectiveness in UAE. This is evidenced by the fact that, as the topic states, the paper seeks to find out how employee satisfaction, adjustment, commitment and psychological stress are linked to the performance of the organization.

It is evident that employee motivation is greatly affected by the organization behavior, management, and its effectiveness which as a result affects greatly the performance of such an organization (Laffaldano & Muchinsky 251-273). This, therefore, implies that organizations should seek to understand the linkage between performance and employee satisfaction. Abstract In the abstract, the author considers the keywords that are essential in assisting the readers to understand what the article centers on.

The abstract outlines the subtopics and the main key point of the article including the purpose of the study, methodology, data analysis methods, finds and the implications of the study. Although the abstract is not well detailed, it is well presented as it provides the readers with a picture of what is discussed in the article. In addition, the abstract is well presented using qualitative research and this is evidenced by its style of writing as the author avoids the use of self, the description of sample size, and the article is also appropriately organized as the discussions and results are separated. Introduction and Problem statement The author has offered an introduction that provides the readers with a clear overview of the topic of the article- the linkage between organizational performance and employee satisfaction.

The introduction is well stated and is based on other peer-reviewed works by other authors. The question as to whether job satisfaction is linked to job performance has received different opinions from different researchers, as indicated in the introduction part.

Additionally, in this part, the author has discussed these different opinions which give the article an argumentative background. This is evidenced by the fact that some authors on organization effectiveness focus on staff satisfaction as a key measure of organization success while others employee attitudes as major predators of success (Laffaldano & Muchinsky 251-273). This question which forms the problem statement is clearly stated and well explained throughout the article.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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