Essays on Lenovo as a Multinational Company in an Emerging Market Case Study

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The paper 'Lenovo as a Multinational Company in an Emerging Market" is a good example of a marketing case study. The current wave of economic liberalization in the present decade has seen the growth and expansion of companies in developing countries to global heights that challenge subsequent existing multinational businesses (Motohashi, 2015). Companies in emerging countries have progressively moved up the global ladder and outside their home markets to dominate the world market (Zhang, 2015). Currently, internationalization and globalization are of the essence when running a business operation. There are abundant reasons for companies to go global, for instance; if the home market is torpid and there are better sales out of the country.

Organizations that choose to remain home rather than reach out and go global might miss the chance to get into foreign markets and equally lose the business chance in their present home market. Mahindra and Mahindra is one special example of an automotive company that has designed products that rival those of other automobile giants such as Toyota and the Mercedes (Acharya, 2014). Other companies include Teva Pharmaceuticals in Israel, Cemex from Mexico, Baosteel from China and AmBev from Brazil. According to Cavusgil et al (2014), emerging market economies are a division of previous developing economies that have attained significant modernization, industrialization and an improvement in the living standards since the 1980s.

Major characteristics of emerging market countries include middle-class growth that has elevated economic aspirations and a rapid betterment of the standards of living. Emerging market countries are basically defined as countries whose objectives involve a profitable modification process that is meant to diminish the difficulties being faced by the country such as overpopulation, poverty and poor infrastructure (Nolan, 2014).

Emerging markets have thus formed due to the increasing attraction of global destinations for foreign direct investment, exports and sourcing (Motohashi, 2015). This retro respect paper subsequently discusses Lenovo as a multinational corporation in the emerging market economy.  


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