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Individual Strategic Marketing Analysis and Plan Task: Individual Strategic Marketing Analysis and Plan Project Outline User generated content is a critical area regarding submission of affiliation intelligence material in the media such as websites. This is unlike the conventional application and presentation of the credible and standardized material of any kind that professionals submit for viewing and manipulation in an affiliation’s business. Strategic marketing requires participation of the clientele. They avail their knowhow to the company regarding how the services are in quality and disposition. The affiliation successively reviews the materials, after which they present them to their portfolio.

These contents may implicate on the marketing strategies of the affiliation in one way or another. This incidence thus brings augmenting concerns over user generated contents. This is the area, where, I base my project. My project will address the application and trends of these clientele generated contents as a quandary in the field of strategic marketing. This project will tackle this area of concern from a business perspective, taking into consideration a model affiliation or business and their application of the incentive. This research is thorough and credible from reviewed sources.

It digs information from numerous hubs that aid me in developing a professional output with credible and applicable conclusions. Critical analysis of the theories and marketing strategies by other affiliations shall aid me in developing a competitive framework and basis for my project. With the application of the various theories reflecting on better marketing strategies with connection to clientele generated material in the model business, I will be able to develop a competitive and appealing framework that explains the issues of concern better. The outcome of the project provides a rich resource to the affiliation in n the model study and other affiliations interested.

It works for the betterment of the entire strategic marketing. Executive Summary Contemporarily, every marketing executive or CEO constantly or occasionally face challenges regarding strategic marketing. These challenges may elicit drawbacks that can result into potential flaws in the affiliation’s marketing future. This incident may recur for a long time, eliciting potential damages to the affiliation (Allen 2011). Some of the key drawbacks that result into these potential issues result from ineffective and impulse decisions regarding strategic marketing that end up crippling the marketing strategies of the company.

Making thorough assessments of the potential implications that strategic decisions may elicit reduce the likelihood of the marketing strategies failing. Annual review of markets and clientele of the affiliation is imperative. Making long term decisions with no regard to daily sales and marketing incentives follows. Daily decisions, thus, accrue to fit into the affiliation’s strategic marketing targets (Allen 2011). Customer analysis is consummate in the development of competent strategic marketing incentives. The affiliation ought to consider why clientele aim at securing its products or services, improve on the clientele’s business and individual life, determine the potential marketing segments that their clientele targets and augment the motivations leading the clientele into venturing into purchasing its products or services.

This paper outlines a succinct project that addresses various conceptual and theoretical underpinnings regarding strategic marketing. The paper addresses a succinct analysis and individual model plan that will am to provide concrete evidence on the major issue of study regarding strategic marketing. User generated contents is the principal area of concern that I shall address (Allen 2011). Company Description Accenture is a universal affiliation that deals with outsourcing, management and consulting with a technological incentive.

It has contemporarily, expanded its ventures into more than hundred countries, with adept personnel serving its numerous clients from numerous perspectives (Accenture 2012). It applies client generated contents and ideas to aid it serve them better. Through its ingenious business capabilities, it has generated consummate profits in recent times. Aptitude in service delivery and technological abilities in the personnel that serve the affiliation has enabled the business to grow rapidly, while spreading its services to numerous parts of the world through outsourcing and numerous incentives. It applies its expertise to penetrate newer markets, augment revenue in the current markets, increase operational; performance in all aspects and develop efficient and effective service delivery to its clientele.

It commits itself to satisfying clientele needs, a practice that augments its prospects for strategic marketing of its services to extensive markets worldwide (Accenture 2012). Goals The affiliation inculcates both short and long term goals and objectives to ensure competence in future markets and future prospects.

It aligns its goals with customer satisfaction and profitability in consideration. It aims to enter a brand new market as they appear from around the globe. This continues to expand its boundaries and coverage of numerous market territories from around the globe. Secondly, Accenture aims at augmenting finances and revenue in its current markets, to play a part in development of other businesses and be a profitable venture to most governments and dispensations. This aids it tom spread its services more as numerous countries and businesses yearn for association with its profitable marketing incentives and plans (Accenture 2012). To aid the affiliation augment service delivery and elicit more profitability, Accenture aims at inculcating better operational performance by its professional practitioners and collaborating clientele.

This incentive results into better functionality in the various departments and areas that make up the entire company. This incentive shall also augment the effectiveness of service delivery. Situation Analysis: SWOT, Competition, The affiliation bears a profound industry expertise in its operations since its initiation. The affiliation employs qualified and competitive personnel to operate its systems and markets to ensure its profitability and efficient operation.

This adds up to its profitability. Adept personalities in this affiliation enhance service offering to ensure complete clientele satisfaction (Accenture 2012). In terms of business outsourcing and transformations, the affiliation is at its peak. This enables it to distribute contracts to other affiliations in contractual terms that enhance business relations and augment profitability to a wide extent. This incentive also helps the business to grasp the markets and ensure complete customer satisfaction to a wider scale. The affiliation has competent employees who are ready to provide the best of their service delivery.

Resultantly, the affiliation inculcates incentives to develop the abilities of its workforces by ensuring management of workforce performance and other inclusive practices for the same purpose (Accenture 2012). Employee development is consummately imperative for effective service delivery. The affiliation also faces weaknesses that come up due to challenges it faces in the marketing strategies and workforce inefficiency among other areas. With the current economic quandaries, the businesses world is under pressure from quandaries regarding workforce management and strategic marketing incentives. These incentives are overtly expensive to maintain.

This regards the expansive size of this affiliation. The affiliation also faces internal quandaries and has to divert consummate energy to ensure maintenance of performance. Resultantly, the affiliation spends numerous resources in maintenance that marketing, sales and inculcation profitable incentives, overly, business practices. The affiliation has to fight against ineffective management and inefficiency. Competition from other similar affiliation is another potential challenge that Accenture has to put up with and retain its competence (Accenture 2012). Customer Analysis Accenture deals with a wide array of clients from numerous spheres of the business world.

With expansive and diversified nature of its clientele, the affiliation puts forward incentives that aim at improving its relations with clients in a better way. It has customers from the communications industry, pension services, postal services, mining industries, nonprofit organizations and customs service among others. It clients fully participate in user generated material or content, to aid the affiliation in making enhancements of its service delivery operations and processes (Accenture 2012). The clients have the opportunity to suggest improvements in various spheres of its operations through numerous ways.

The affiliation applies these incentives to align its service delivery with the market demands and affiliation preferences. Market-Target segmentation In order to tailor the marketing mix to different customers from diverse field, Accenture applies market segmentation to ensure that satisfaction goes to all its clients from diverse fields and countries. In order to align and tailor its marketing mix for the various groups within the market, Accenture applies geographical segmentation. In this mode of consumer segmentation, it determines variables as population of the clientele, climatic conditions and the region to satisfy its clients. Other applications of segmentation entail incentives related to demographics, which entail income, education expertise and ethnicity.

Additionally, psychographic segmentation inculcates factors such as lifestyle, attitudes and values. In addition to these modes of segmentation, behavioral segmentation entails benefits, loyalty of band, sensitivity of price, usage rates among others. Moreover, business market segmentation is consummately imperative for its operation (QuickMBA 2010). Conclusions To ensure that an affiliation elicits the best results out of their marketing strategies and client operations, user generated contents are a guiding principle that ought to provide clues on the market demand and client preferences.

Clients prefer certain procedures to apply when they receive their products and services. These incentives and processes ought to be flawless and competitive. This way, clients develop their own marketing communications (Solomon 2003, p. 102). Accenture, among other businesses ought to consider diversifying their efforts with regard to customer satisfaction through effective and efficient application of user generated materials. User generated materials aid the affiliation to develop competent incentives and adjustments. These adjustments make it capable of delivering their services to clients in their convenience and profitability. Bibliography QuickMBA 2010, Market Segmentation, viewed 27 February 2012, Accenture 2012, Company Description, viewed 27 February 2012, Allen, C 2011, What is Strategic Marketing Planning? , viewed 27 February 2012, Solomon, M 2003, Conquering consumer space: marketing strategies for a branded world, AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn, New York.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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