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The paper “ Individual Trade Project for India Export Market” is a helpful example of a business assignment. The purpose of this research is to provide assumptions that are aimed at formulating business export potential for Australia. Notwithstanding, the paper provides an extensive analysis of one of Australia’ s major products: Bauxite a mineral element that is produced in bulk in the country. In this case, the potential export market in India is perceived as a growing industrial hub across the globe. India’ s demand market for Alumina products is expected to rise with respect to an increase in its population structure. Further, it is safe to indicate that Australia’ s capacity to produce a substantial volume of Bauxite calls for immediate expansion in export activities in order to maximize sales revenue.

In this way, the Gillard government of Australia has embarked on formulating effective as well as efficient trade policies and restrictions which are aimed at both increasing trading agreements as well as protection by way of constant maintaining in-progress contracts. Taking into consideration the already established Indian infrastructure as well as investments and political environment it is fair to postulate a substantial increase in the trading contracts in terms of exports to the country as a whole.

It is expected that the country’ s demand for exports will increase from the current 21.1 % to about 30 %. 2.0 Introduction: In this research paper, the main focus entails a clear and deep analysis of India as one of the major trading partners of Australia. As a country, India is considered colorful and rich in terms of cultural assortment. Consequently, the country portrays some elements of inconsistencies in the sense that it possesses vast buildings as well as ancient monuments which co-exist within the ever-growing modernized industries. India boasts of being one of the world’ s most industrialized countries as well as an economy that is considered to be growing at a much faster rate as compared to most other Asian countries.

This growth and development have instigated so much potential in terms of export markets. It is for this reason that Australia took to enter into numerous trade arrangements between the two countries.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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