Essays on Models of Change - SWOT Analysis of Piecemeal Model and DADs Workplace Change Case Study

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The paper “ Models of Change - SWOT Analysis of Piecemeal Model and DAD’ s Workplace Change”   is a   thoughtful example of the case study on management. Changes in organizations happen all the time and above all these changes are commonly evolutionary or gradual improvements and incremental steps to change part of the larger system (Burke 2010, p. 78). For this reason, models of workplace changes were developed such as John Storey’ s five models of change that represents different ways by which changes can occur in a particular workplace. The first section contains the description of a real-life organisation selected as an example of workplace change.

This workplace which is located in Thailand is the core of the recent case study conducted by Chaiwat Riratanaphong & Theo van der Voort which was presented in the 10th EuroFM Research in Vienna, Austria in early 2011.After a careful analysis of the case study, the workplace change can be best described as Piecemeal as there is flexibility, shared ownership of ideas, open communication, attempt to create quality circles, reactive and incremental response to circumstances as they develop. To evaluate and justify the most relevant model that best describe the workplace change, SWOT or Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threat provides the opportunity to systematically analyse the different aspects of change as it occurs in the example workplace.

Discussion on the applicability of the selected model is presented in the final section including potential implications of the arguments presented in response to the essay question. Example Workplace ChangeThe example workplace is Dhanarak Asset Development Company Limited or DAD which before the change was sharing its workplace with the Thailand government’ s Ministry of Finance’ s Treasury Department.

The workplace was perceived as crowded, not conducive to productivity, and tending to cause bad working conditions for their employees. With the increasing demand for office space, a growing number of employees, and timely completion of Bangkok Government Complex, DAD management took the opportunity to move to one of the buildings of the complex.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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