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The paper 'Industry Based Group Project Issues' is a good example of a Management Case Study. The 2013 UniSA Employment and Careers Expo dated 19th March was organized for the sole purpose of exploring the convention, exhibition and business meetings sector (CEBMS) wherein the involved stakeholders had a strategy to reach the target audience and market their products and services. The main facets of the event which I dwell on are Marketing, Human resources, and contingency plans, sustainability, recommendations, and impacts of the event. Event In the event organization, it is exceptionally prudent to factor in the aspect of timing since it influences several other organizational aspects such as flexibility and availability of the target groups or rather an audience.

For instance, the festive season is not a preferable time to organize an Expo given the merrymaking and eventful seasonal traveling, especially amongst the population. The 2013 Uni SA Career and Employment Expo took place on 19th March 2013 from 11 are to 3 pm. This timing was quite effective and it caters to both students and alumni since it is not a busy school month and the weather is relatively favorable.

Thus, it was apposite for the organizer to pick this particular timing (Getz, 2004). The event is organized by the University of South Australia wherein the attendees or rather the target audience are students from the university. The event brings onboard companies that are potential employers at the venue, Adelaide Convention Centre’ s staff. The companies seek apposite staff and students in search of employment. The Adelaide convention center and Adelaide expo hire are responsible for the logistics of the event inclusive of the organizational planning wherein the transport is also catered for in liaison with the university. Sustainability Sustainability entails all forms of activities undertaken by Uni SA in preparation of the Careers and Employment Expo to ensure that each target stakeholder benefits from the Expo principally the students who are in the process of establishing links with the employers.

Essentially, marketing is a core factor in enhancing sustainability. In essence, marketing revolves around creating, conveying, and delivering values to the clientele. In addition, marketing involves an extra effort to establish profound relationships with customers thus benefiting the organization as well the stakeholders collectively.

The chief goal to ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved without compromising the guidelines given and the interests of the stakeholders. This is a critical event that transforms a society by enhancing a smooth transition from a graduate life to corporate life. Thus, it achieves the core aim of networking students with their prospective employers. In addition, it does offer an opportunity for firsthand experience with professionals who are prospective work colleagues of the students. The marketing activity is subdivided into numerous entities to cater to different customer needs such that the entire market is catered for according especially to fulfill customer needs and tastes which might be instrumental in demand for particular services from different companies or a particular company or field of interest.

The UNi SA arranged the event such that employers from related fields or rather professions were assigned a designated area and exhibitors as well to facilitate easy and smooth interaction between them and students (Getz, 2004).



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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