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The paper 'University of Southern Australia Employment and Career Expo" is a great example of a management case study. The career expo provides a platform for sharing information where learners looking for information and career opportunities get in touch with information providers who assist in career guidance, help learners make the right choices and provide financial help to learners. Through the expo events, learners are able to make clear and informed career decisions after completion of their studies (Employment and Careers Expo, 2012). This report provides an analysis of the UniSA Employment and Careers Expo and how the event was successfully conducted.

The report could, therefore, be used by event organizers in organizing future expos within the country and also help learners realize the need to attend Employment and Career Expo. 1.1 Report Outline The report is divided into five main sections: Introduction, sustainability, and impacts, evaluation, contingency plans, and recommendations. The report also comprises of sub-sections, and before the report analyses the sustainability and impact of the event, it provides a description of the business meeting, the various stakeholders involved, and literature on marketing.

The sustainability section covers the economic, social, financial, technological, and environmental impacts on the event and how it affects the student's study and career. This is followed by the evaluation of the meeting to ascertain whether or not it achieved the set objectives and then it highlights the contingency plans to be undertaken in case of any eventuality. The report ends with recommendations on what should be done in the future to ensure such meetings achieve great success. 1.2 Description of the meeting UniSA Employment and Careers Expo is an annual business meeting that attracts over 3,000 learners and graduates.

It provides the participants an ideal avenue for getting to talk to various employers to facilitate their intake and vacation internship since it brings together different potential employers from all disciplines (Employment and Careers Expo, 2012). The meeting was organized by the Exhibition and Event – Association of Australia and was held off-campus so as to attract both the rural and the metropolitan students.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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