Essays on The Role Marketing Strategies Performs for 21st Century Business Coursework

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The paper "The Role Marketing Strategies Performs for 21st Century Business" is a brilliant example of coursework on marketing. Marketing communications strategies refer to the messages that are transferred within the organization and are meant to convey some information to the customer for the purposes of winning their confidence so that they can buy from the business or create trust in them (Belch, et. al., 2008). The focus of marketing communications is to improve on the quality of the product rather than focus on the communication as compared to the corporate communicates where the focus is mainly on the improvement of the image of the company.

Marketing communication, therefore, involves the generation of demand, positioning of the product while corporate communications deal with issues like mergers and acquisitions, management of the company and litigation. In the 21st century, business communications have been developed further into an integrated form where it is referred to as integrated marketing communications. This refers to the holistic process of marketing communication where there is a consistency of messages and complementary of the media that is being used (Belch, et.

al. , 2008). With the introduction of technology and improvement of other forms of communication in the business, the 21st century has seen the marketing communication industry create whole different functions as compared to the past. One such role that marketing communication has created is a specialized niche or media that the business is identified with. This implies that the old form of doing business which involved the use of mass media has been done away with. With this specialized media, specific target audiences are today being addressed and consequently the products which are being promoted gain a lot of confidence with them because they tend to get all the features that the product carries with them.

Through the identification of this niche, the company has also been able to have an acquaintance with the customers implying that they can exchange their views and through the process the company can note the cages that need to be done so that the product can suit the customer, a process which will improve the quality of the product. Apart from the creation of a niche, new marketing communication strategies have transformed the entire media advertising into multiple forms of communication.

This implies that the company today can be able to use alternatives when advertising for its product. With such a trend the businesses of today are able to reach to so many parts and therefore boost the brand they produce (Moore, 2005). The 21st century has been a time when most companies are realizing the need for consumer-centered approaches of marketing as opposed to retail centered approaches of the past.

This implies that the marketing communication strategies that are being developed today are geared towards making the consumer enjoy the services that the company produces.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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