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s Essay, 24 February Conclusion Nissan is among the world’s most popular motor manufacturers and has been in among the leaders in the market segment for quite some time now. The brand has used various strategies over the years to get to where it is today. It is through formulation of these strategies that Nissan came up with the idea of creating a segment of its products by initiating a new brand that primarily targeted the luxury class of its market share. In 1989, Nissan, therefore, introduce a new brand known as Infiniti through a launch that comprised of two models; the Infiniti Q45 luxury sedan and the Infiniti M30 luxury coupe.

The release of these two vehicles was a phenomenal part in the success of the Nissan brand. Infiniti has grown as a brand over the years largely due to their huge investment in the innovation department that has seen them introduce so many features in their vehicles. These has seen the company introduce vary many features in its vehicles such as laser technology, rear view monitor, vehicle in-dash color LCD screens and more recently the voice recognition feature.

This has led to a rapid growth of the Infiniti brand over the last few decades especially in the US market where the brand is now one of the competing leaders in the luxury vehicles category. The company has since moved to other markets such as Russia where it is slowly picking up in its operations and sales and is thus expected to be competing with the market leaders in this market in the near future. The research relied heavily on both qualitative and quantitative data sources where it derived information to compare Infiniti’s operations and market share in both the US and Russia.

The group strived to seek its information from reliable sources and thus this paper has been given the best effort possible. As earlier mentioned, the Infiniti brand has enjoyed massive success in the US and thus the current efforts is to see that the brand spreads its wings to other markets with Russia being one of the prime target. The country has shown great prospects in terms of its growing high-class economic population segment and consequently an increased demand of luxury vehicles.

The company has thus set its sights on this market with a target to replicate the success it has endured in the US especially considering the two countries have similar organizational structure. In fact, the company views Russia as the country with the highest potential and opportunities for growth and thus the high investment in this market is deemed to be worth it. The sales might not be as high in Russia (with the US market contributing up to 85 percent of Infiniti’s sales and revenue) but the large population and the growing demand for luxury vehicles is a big plus for the company’s increasing focus on Russia.

Infiniti currently ranks at position 32 among the Russian luxury vehicles market producers although a steady rise is observable in the last few years. For example, the company has seen a steady growth of the vehicles sold in the last few months with a good example being the 690 vehicles sold in January 2015 as compared to only 472 vehicles sold in the preceding month of December 2014. A few comparisons can be made between Infiniti’s operations in Russia and the US that includes both the similarities and the differences.

The fact that the two countries both have a similar organizational structure and culture makes it easy and appealing to Infiniti to tap into Russia’s market which has yet to fully embrace this brand. However, the two markets differ in a myriad of ways especially considering that Infiniti has yet to get a breakthrough into the Russian luxury vehicle market as it has in its US counterpart.

The competition is thus viewed to be quite stiffer in Russia than in the US where it is able to compete with the other industry leaders such as Mercedes, BMW and Lexus, thereby taking position seven in the rank. However, it would be prudent if Infiniti would consider a few recommendations which would probably enable it to pick up a little faster in the Russian market and later compete well with the market leaders at that market. The company should target to market its brand more and prove to the consumers that they can compete as well with the other car manufacturers in Russia.

Infiniti should also work on its customer relations which have been found to be short of the expectations of the Russian consumer market.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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