Essays on Influences Of Practice Coursework

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Influence of practice Diagnosis and Treatment Planning This is the process of using critical thinking to make a decision on which type of information that is obtained from the clinical examination and history of the patients are very pertinent (Reber & Berger, 2006). These pertinent information are then organized into a concise list of clinical problems. The list of the clinical problems is then organized according to the order of their priority then they are matched with an appropriate treatment in the context of the individual health records of the patientsTreatment plan begins as soon as the initial assessment of the patient is complete.

This plan will act as the road map that the patient will have to follow all through his or her treatment. The best treatment plan should follow the patients for at least 5 years because this is the point when the lapse rate has fallen up to around zero level. Treatment is built around the problem set that is brought for treatment by the patients. The plan tells the staff the role the patient will play in when undertaking treatment (Barsky, 2015).

The plan must take into account both the behavioural and physical problems that are relevant to the care of the patient as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the patients. The treatment plan gives the therapeutic interventions that describes what is going to be done and by who. It considers all the needs of the patients and come up with clear means of dealing with each of the problem. The plan follows the discharge planning which starts with the initial assessment of the patients. ReferencesReber, B.

H., & Berger, B. K. (2006). Finding influence: Examining the role of influence in public relations practice. Journal of Communication Management, 10(3), 235-249. Barsky A. (2015). Ethics Alive! The NASW Code of Ethics and Other Social Work Obligations. White Hat Communications p. 112-34

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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