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Informal Interview in Business Management and Administration Mr. Subject is a HRD Manager he has been a practicing HR Professional for more than 25 years. He graduated at the top of his class in one of the leading university in the country. He took up psychology and have mastered in business management and administration. My rationale for choosing the person is his early exposure in the labour sector specifically in the demanding food service industry while a student. This experience enabled him to learn the concerns and issues of the common labourer.

He was able to learn the different sources of motivations of regular labourer who are always in the frontlines. His unique perspective emanating from his experience as a crew and now as a manager and decision maker would enable me to learn the two sides of the coin. The following are the questions I posed to Mr. Subject: How do I match the right person to the right job? How do I weed out the candidate who just say what I want to hear but actually is saying something differently inside?

How do I know that the candidate will be a good fit in the organization culture wise? How do I know if the candidate can be a loyal and dedicated employee? Matching the right person to the right job: According to Mr. Subject, matching the job with the academic qualification is very easy what is hard is to get the right personality for the job. There are candidates who are natural manager, natural leaders, and natural followers. However, there are also positions that do not require so much human interactions and only require the technical expertise of the person.

For each position different techniques has to be applied. Determining the alpha, beta and follower candidate for the right position is simple. The Alpha males are the candidates that people listen to their opinion is not only listened to but are respected. They are the best managers. Beta candidates are the implementers, the second in command of the alpha male. These are the best supervisors or line managers. These are the people that will follow the wishes of the alpha male to the letter.

How do I tell if the candidate are telling the truth According to Mr. Subject liars hate to be confronted with the truth. Except for pathological liars, liars would most likely offer different answers to the same question posed differently and asked in different times during the interview. How to tell if the candidate can immerse himself to the culture of the company The best question to ask is his relationship with his parents, siblings and friends. If a candidate has a good relationship with his parents, a company that has a paternal culture would be the best fit for this candidate.

A candidate who has friends that stayed with him for the longest time is a candidate that can fit and stay loyal to a dynamic and young company. Overtime and relocations: To determine if the candidate is willing to render overtime or make sacrifices in the interest of meeting deadlines I always ask this questions. 1. Are they willing to render overtime (the most likely answer to this question is yes). The follow up question would then be 2.

If in case there is a very serious family emergency requiring the candidate’s presence at home and the candidate is confronted with a deal breaker deadline for the company what will the candidate chose the family emergency or the deadline. 3. What family emergency will most likely make the candidate take some time off even if there is a deadline? The candidate’s answer to these questions would likely show the level of commitment he has to the company. Critical Reaction to the interview: Mr. Subject’s long experience in the field of HR Management entitles him to form his own techniques that will aid him in his talent search.

However, most of his techniques are not supported by any scientific studies or even surveys that would determine its efficacy. HR is developing into a discipline that is slowly evolving from strategic partner into industry driver. Therefore it is of outmost importance to ensure that the processes that will be adopted by HR practitioners are credible and can produce result that is predictable and timely. Mr. Subject’s vision for the future of HR as a driving force in industry is not far from reality most especially the way HR functions are integrated into the culture of the organization.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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