Essays on Online Supermarket Innovation through the Customer Web, Benefits of Online Shopping Essay

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The paper “ Online Supermarket Innovation through the Customer Web, Benefits of Online Shopping ”   is a   thoughtful example of an essay on e-commerce. The internet has helped in facilitating the occurrence of new business models and strategies in many industries. There must be substantial changes that are happening in supermarket retailing whereby there is the introduction of online shopping in terms of the online partnership, development of fulfillment center model, new ways of increasing customer value, channel development and coordination, and redefinition of business scope. The online supermarket has undergone significant changes in the past few years.

Basing on the empirical evidence available this paper will discuss the competitive advantage the supermarkets are getting from online ordering services. Online business is a new concept in the business era and therefore calling for further studies to be done. IntroductionThe internet has led to the emergence of new business models in several industries. Supermarket retailing experiences rapid growth of online home shopping services. These changes are in terms of product and service offerings and channel development. Basing on recent empirical evidence from the UK using case studies and online surveys this paper will seek to integrate several aspects that help to understand the introduction of the online supermarket, and it influence other business models, the consumer and advantages it offers the business to other business competitors (Faulkner, 1998).

It is evident that many supermarkets in the UK are on using online retailing since it is a relief to the business since it can be able to reach a magnificent number of people. Online supermarkets have undergone two major phases in their development.

The first part took place during the internet boom when virtual supermarkets were introduced in the US. Examples of these virtual supermarkets include Webvan, Peapod, Grocery Works, and Home Grocer. Though, most of them were closed up during the internet bust. A new phase was established after the creation of virtual supermarkets. This new phase began when mortar and brick supermarkets come into the online shopping arena.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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