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The paper "Analysis of Facebook Incorporated " is a great example of a business case study.   Changes in Facebook Features and user profile and other challenges hinder the company from gaining a competitive edge over other social media. These have made the company to tactically change the marketing and delivery strategies for its services and products. This report, therefore, provides evaluations and analysis of Facebook Incorporated to reveal these challenges and changes hence propose recommendations. Background information Facebook is an online social media organization which was a start in the year 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and it is owned by Facebook Incorporated.

Currently, it has more than 901 million users; half most of who access Facebook services through a mobile device. After creating a personal profile, users add other users as friends after which they exchange messages alongside automated notifications in case there is an update of profile (Sophos n. d., pp. 4). Moreover, users can contact other users with a common interest, friends from school and college, as well as those in workplaces. The Facebook website has many features such as user profile, privacy setting, Facebook notes, news feeds, voice calls, video calls, and Facebook messaging among others. Introduction Just like any other business, Facebook Incorporated Company is faced by challenges and changes that are not only driven by internal factors but also by external factors.

With competitors such as twitter the company must improve its products and services to meet the ever-increasing customers’ demands; though it is the leader in the social media market share (Sophos n. d., pp. 4). This report will focus on evaluation and analysis of Facebook Incorporated Company challenges and changes that the company may face in marketing and delivery of their products and services, and the opportunities that may be available over the next five years.

In addition, SWOT, porter 5 forces, and competitors of the company will be analyzed (Russell 2011, pp. 31). The conclusion will provide recommendations that could be taken to face changing marketing as well as the challenges in the next five years. Methodology The report will be based on relevant information which is already available about the company and other business analytical methods such as Porter 5 forces and SWOT analysis. Analysis Porters 5 forces In past years, business transactions were rather difficult to carry out but with the introduction of Facebook as a social media site, many businesses have grown tremendously.

Porters 5 forces have described the threats facing Facebook (Porter 1998, pp. 29). In the power of buyers or consumers, it has changed because long are the days when buyers did not have consumer power. With the introduction of Facebook, buyers have a wide variety to choose and compare the products they are offered (Magretta, 2011, pp. 33). In the power of media, Porter did not take much recognition of the impact of the media were it to be used on advertising.

These days, social media has expanded the users of products being manufactured (Porter 1998, pp. 14). This is because there is a platform for producers to advocate for their brands and share more information on request from their clients. The threat of new competition has also affected Facebook. It has brought reduced profits because each day a new site is created (Magretta 2011, pp. 27). With the low cost of social media, the expense incurred in bringing forth a new product in the market is cut hence easy access to customers.


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