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The paper "Information Service Management" Is a perfect example of a Management Case Study. This report throws light on the existing job and career opportunities in information services. The job scenario at any place is no different and so we look out at the problems and their possible solutions and also make the workplace more interactive and co-operative for efficient teamwork. 2.0. Superficial Issues 2.1. Competition for existing jobs The job opportunities for individual in the public and private sectors are improving in contrast to previous years. But the competition at this level is very intense.

So getting a new job is equally tougher. 2.2. Lack of Personal Relationship Getting a job in any advertised job is demanding a personal relationship with some either in the company or a way linked with the company. So finding a new job is very difficult in the present scenario where the jobs seem to be lucrative but already have an employee as its substitution. 3.0. Deeper Issues 3.1. The pressure of working long hours The workload has increased to such extent that working till late night and even on weekends has not helped the issue.

It also leads to isolation from the family and improper food habits. With increasing, work pressure increases the gap between the family and the individual. 3.2. Decreasing relations with seniors The interaction with seniors and other members of the office has not been on a regular basis thus leading to a decreasing relationship with officials. The performance management meeting is also not in a perfect direction as there has not been much discussion over any issues or goals set before. 4.0. Theories 4.1. Structural Theory A structural theory like trait and factor is used in career development planning.

According to this theory, an individual should have the requisite knowledge about themselves and absolute knowledge about the job. Also, job satisfaction and success is taken into consideration. Like, in this case, the competition for the jobs available is quite high. So without personal know-how, recruitment into a new job is very difficult (Kantabutra & Saratun, 2013). 4.2. Decision-Making Theory Many decision-making points like educational qualifications, job entry-level, switching jobs, etc influence career development. Like the switching of jobs seems to be easy but the actual part is very different and proper decisions on such matters is very essential (Greenwood, 2013). 5.0.

Consequences of Recommended Solutions The structural theories of trait and factor and Holland’ s theory of vocational personality are both suited in understanding the best business environment as per the personality of the individuals. The decision-making theory influences the choice and evaluation of the jobs available. The recommended solutions can have a positive consequence on job finalizing (Huhtala, Feldt, Hyvonen, & Mauno, 2013.)   1.0. Introduction Winning over the client’ s confidence is very essential for any marketing of information services.

With the other departments and the clients having less belief upon the team, this report brings forward the current trouble scenario for the manager and the requisite solutions to the same. The concept of self-marketing for the marketing of information services is made clear for optimum marketing.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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