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IntroductionGet Credit Limited is a micro credit lending organisation dealing with micro and small enterprises in Australia. Its core business is lending to institutions and individuals who are appraised by credit officers and found that they are credit worth. The institution was founded in 2005 by a group of small and micro enterprises business people in Australia after facing challenges in accessing credits from mainstream banking institutions especially as regards security requirements. The company uses both manual and computer based information system but aspires to fully be computerised and be one of their few paperless offices in Australia.

Get credit limited as an organisation has a whole range of components that jointly enables the lender to achieve its goals ranging from the input devices, output hardware, and software, networking hardware and communication devices. Type of Information Systems usedAn information system constitutes both human and machine interactions that process data into information in an organization. Get Credit Limited as an organization is an information systems. Below are the various information systems used by Get credit limited: Enterprise Resource PlanningEnterprise resource planning system is an organisation wide system that supports all the functional departments of an organisation.

Get credit Limited uses Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for the overall management of the organisation. Though the ERP has not yet been full implemented three modules are currently operational and further two modules are yet to be implemented due to financial constraints. The operational modules support functional area of accounting, credit management and front office management while the pending modules are; human resource and payroll. The ERP software used by Get credit is Microsoft dynamics Navision.

This system has the transaction processing subsystem and the Management information system module (Ralph MS, George, R 2009, pp. 30). Transactional processing systemTransaction processing systems (TPS) is an information system that captures data from initial recording (Heyden, MK , and Josehin, D. et al 2004, pp. 235). This system is usually at the operational level and is involved mainly with original data capture and processing. TPS mainly deals with routine business process and for the case of Get credit limited it includes; Loan repayment systemThis is a system that keeps tract of loan repayments by customers.

Get credit implements Microsoft Dynamics Navision enterprise resource planning software for its loan tracking and administration process. This system actual records receipts from customers and separates it into interest and principal repayments and consequently produce a customer statement which will reflect the customers’ loan balance. Customer registration systemThis systems deal with registration of new customers who have expressed interest in getting a loan from Get credit limited. It will collect customer details; name, contacts, physical address, commercial activity and issue a customer with the customer identification number. Payroll systemMonthly payroll preparation by the accounts department of Get credit limited is usually done by the support of a payroll program called payplus.

It is independent software and has not been integrated to the Finance and credit management system. Management information systemThe management information system in Get credit limited is usually supported by Microsoft Dynamic Navision ERP. It has the capabilities of wholly supporting the accounting and credit management reporting hence providing information the management for decision making. Financial management sub module of MIS can produce accounting reports ranging income statement, balance sheet, ratio analysis reports to cash flow statement.

All the reports can be real time hence this is one of the most developed management reporting system.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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