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The paper “ Perky Pies’ Supply Chain Management Software ”   is an actual example of a report on management. In view of the problem that the Perky Pies Company has been facing due to its rapid expansion, it would be wise to implement a supply chain management software as soon as possible. This is because this software has the capability of addressing all the logistical problems they have been having as well as improving the manner in which operation between the commercial kitchen located in Footscray and all the other branches located in different parts.

Such problems are expected as coordinating activities between the various branches is complex and hence the need for well robust software that can handle different activities in such a company (Sapmaster 2011). It is also recommended that the company ensure that the different branches are equipped with good computers that can be able to handle the operation of this robust application. To ensure that the implementation of this software will be beneficial to the company, there is a need to ensure that their staff in different branches are trained on how to use the basic features of this software to be able to use it optimally.

My company is offering a one-week training for the staff that will be involved in handling this software and an additional one-month free service for any diagnostic problem that may be necessary during the implementation phase if we are offered an opportunity to implement the same to Perky Pies Company. Implementation of the system in Perky Pies Company will go a very long way in streamlining its operation and hence stimulating the much-needed growth amidst the stiff competition. Executive SummaryPerky Pies is a franchise organization whose business is the supply of high-quality gourmet pie to customers.

It has several branches in different locations to be able to meet the demands of its product. In the last two years, the company has experienced rapid growth that has resulted in the opening of more branches in different regions.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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