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Teacher: January 3, 2008UniversityIntroduction: The implementation of the internet technologies and the need to set up the traditional businesses is impacting every business around and is seen as the latest stage in the evolution of the ongoing progress. The changes have been so rapid and inevitable that the shift therefore must take place as early and quickly as possible in order to keep yourself up with the pace with the competitors around and with the customers who are now more knowledgeable and does know what they want and others have to offer. The information system management has step up as the need of the today’s market and nevertheless has the same importance level as some any of the field related to business.

So its importance is now is very high as it was never before, and it is lot better for our company as well because of the current high involvement of the internet and computer technologies around. I, as appointed by my team to lookup and provide critical result oriented information, I provide you so. Software Based Solutions: The company needs very high class software information system in order to track down the transactional changes taking place all over the globe.

We know that we are progressing towards a global community and therefore must take steps to keep up as so from now on. The real time information should be acquired to anywhere the company’s headquarters exist, so that the persons responsible to keep up the data update are updated as required (O’Brien, 2003: 47). The real time solutions must be the key points in the implementation of our software based information system.

I recommend a software package that provides real time information. The software package first includes the daily office products for the routine works. That will include the MS Office applications to work out best. But if we are looking for the cost effective solution we might use the Linux operating system as our first choice as it has no license costs. The Open Office Org will replace the MS Office. The real time software will have to be GUI. It must be user friendly with a good amount help available by the company which provided it, so that we can have a replacement on urgent basis.

The software should be connected to the head office in Malaysia, and keep the head office informed of what is happening in the UK. The software will provide sales and the remaining stock, the situation of the raw materials and the progress on the shipments which are inbound and outbound (Gray, 2005:73). IT Solutions: The networking side of the computer field has evolved with so much progress that it was not expected to be like this. The progress throughout the world solely depends upon the connections that are made to bound different companies and departments together.

With the evolution of information technology structure, we have come to point that the company must keep its IT infrastructure strong in the UK as well as in the head office in Malaysia. With different technologies awaking here and there we have a lot of choices to choose from. The WIMAX technologies and the VPN structural feature to interconnect various sub offices together is a very good option to start with.

The VPN provides the Virtual Private Network where the offices have the opportunity to communicate with each other and also being the part of the internet. The resources of the company are kept safe and no one is authenticated to share the network resources if he is not on the network which comprises in different areas (Pearlson et al. , 2005:210). Moreover, to provide a better telephonic structure, it is advisable not to use the POT system. The Plain Old Telephone has been the major deal for the industry, but now it’s better to move on to other alternatives.

IAD devices are a considerable a better choice. The Integrated Access Device provides us the solutions to our problems. It gives us the LAN connections and simple telephonic connection as POT system provides us.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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